The Best Home Security Systems – What is The Best Home Security Systems

What are the best home security systems for this year? Technology has made it easier for users to set up a smart home alarm which you can remotely control your door locks, lights, vacuums, and even pet feeders and more.

The Best Home Security Systems

Well, if you are searching for a professional monitored smart home security system that offers virtually everything you need for maximum protection, with class-leading customer service to match, you are in the right place. Read on to know more.

The Best Home Security Systems

You can go for security systems that you can monitor by yourself, or a pay subscription fee to have your home surveilled 24/7 by professionals who will contact your local fire and police department when alarms are triggered.

A home security system can be connected to your Wi-Fi network so you can monitor and control your security device using your smartphone and an app.

However, finding home security can be confusing. To help you find the best home security system, we have chosen some of the best security systems that have high-end equipment and features the ability to thwart theft. Below are some of them.

Best Home Security System of 2022

Best Of all – Vivint Security System


  • High-end equipment
  • Advanced smart home features
  • Smart Deter lurker detection
  • Free in-home security consultation

This is one of the best security systems you can go for. It has high-end equipment with pro installation, smart home features, and state-of-the-art security tech which make it a wireless security system available.

The smart home security system that makes everything works together; you can control your device from anywhere on the app. And with the 24/7 monitoring and support, your home and family are always protected.


Best high-end DIY pick – Frontpoint


  • Wide equipment options
  • Crash & Smash protection
  • Live video feed
  • ID theft protection

The Frontpoint offers all the perks you want from a DIY home security system. It offers smart home integration, mobile smartphone app control, 24/7 video recordings, and whistles of full-service professional installed systems but put all control in your hands.

Frontpoint can protect both the inside and outside of your home. That’s a rare find for DIY security systems. You can also enjoy the Frontpoint contract-free.


Best trusted brand name – ADT home security system

  • op-notch protection delivered for nearly 145 years
  • ADT Home Security looks out for more than 8 million people across the globe
  • 9 professional monitoring centers

ADT is one of the best smart security systems, it offers some day or next day installations depending on your area. When you are asleep or you travel and leave your family at home, you can feel relaxed knowing that a well-known tried and true security company is watching over your home.

The ADT home security looks out for more than 8 million people across the globe with 9 professional monitoring centers. The partnerships and integration with leading tech from Google Nest and Ford.


Best Budget-friendly – SimpliSafe Home security system


  • No contracts
  • Live video feed available
  • Affordable monitoring
  • Great options for renters

The SimpliSafe is an affordable and straightforward cellular security system. The monitoring staff calls you when trouble is detected and stays with you until it is solved.

To add video verification to your monitoring plans, you will let them verify your alarm is real so police can dispatch faster. These sensors guard every room and entry point of your house. f danger is detected, the monitoring center will call you and dispatch an emergency response.


Best outdoor cameras – Ring Alarm Home security system


  • Built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router
  • Wide camera selection
  • Affordable monitoring plan

This home security system is built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router. If your internet goes out, it provides 24/7 backup internet for your security devices and electronics like your laptop, cell phone, and smart TV (requires a Ring Protect Pro subscription).

This kit includes one Alarm Pro Base Station, One Keypad, four Contact Sensors for windows/doors, one Motion Detector for one hallway/room, and one Alarm Range Extender.

Everything you need for installation is in the box. Simply plug in the base station, set it up via the Ring and eero Apps, and place your sensors in your ideal locations.


Best Safety sensor options – Brinks Home security system


  • Wireless door sensors
  • IQ wireless garage door tilt sensor
  • Wireless glass break detector
  • GE wireless vibration detector
  • Motion sensor
  • Fast response times

This smart home security is designed for you and your home. It is professionally installed & monitored 24/7. The monitoring plans start at $29.99 per month. The security camera helps you see who is in your house and alerts you to everything that is happening in your house.

The brink is best for those that like a simple installation while having lots of sensor options. The company’s money-back guarantee makes brinks a solid choice for the commitment-averse who want to try out a home security system.



Is there a better security system than ADT?

Vivint is better than ADT, but there are even better options. The Vivint is less expensive for the same or alike equipment, offers better user skills, and requires no contracts.

What is the best brand of alarm system?

There are the different best brands of alarm systems, they include the Best smart alarm system overall: Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm IA-320. Best smart alarm system for external monitoring: SimpliSafe Essentials Package.

What system is better than Vivint?

The SimpliSafe is better than Vivint, although they’re both some of the best home security systems. Unlike Vivint, SimpliSafe offers DIY installation in addition to a professional installation.

Who is ADT biggest competitor?

Answer: ADT’s main competitor is Vivint. The two companies are the largest in the security industry, and they have been competing to gain a larger share of residential customers for several years.

Can I afford a home security system?

The affordability depends on your budget and comfort with risk. Based on our comparisons of home security monthly fees, the median cost of professional monitoring is lower than ever at less than $30 a month.

What’s the difference between professional monitoring and self-monitoring?

The professionally monitored security system has trained professionals which keep an eye on your home 24/7. While Monitoring centers contact you if the alarm is triggered, they can dispatch emergency services to your home.

What’s the difference between a wired and wireless alarm system?

Wireless refers to the use of wireless technology like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for monitoring and connecting the components of your system. Wired refers to a home security system hardwired into your home’s electrical system.

Are home security systems really worth it?

That’s a complicated question. Beyond calling for help when there’s an emergency, many people find security cameras helpful for watching children, watching for packages, and other practical things.

Can I install a home security system if I rent?

Yes. Thanks to wireless technology, it’s now easy to add security to your home—whether you own, rent, or live in a dorm or with roommates.



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