The 21 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

The 21 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids are stated below. The best any parent can offer there is the most comfortable educational environment, there would be fun times.

The 21 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

But there would be time for seriousness, and when it is time for seriousness you would need the right channels to keep your kids educative. And you would need the right channels that would aid your kid’s education.

21 Best Educational Channels for your Kids

The following are the best suggestion of channels you could let your kids watch. Now every child with their a uniqueness.

Netflix Jr

This is the best early childhood learning Youtube channel. This is the channel that allows kids to learn, sing, and play with their favorite Netflix characters. Having over 13.3M subscribers. The Netflix Jr. Magazine is also available for free print and digital magazines with games, stories, stickers, and other fun features that keep the kids lively. There are different songs like You’re a star, calm body, calm mind, Learn colors / Aprende Colores, Good Good day, and many other educational songs okay for your kids.

Kid’s Learning Tube

This is the channel that educates kids of all ages with animated videos and original music on educational topics. There are songs like Vegetable song, 50 states, 7 continents, Planet Song, and many others songs.  Your kid could learn the topics of anatomy, astrology, chemistry, and another topic that could educationally aid your kids.


This is the channel that helps to improve and celebrate the ideas of students and teachers all over the world. This channel is suggested for preteens and younger kids.

Crash Course Kids

This is one of the educative channels for your kids. This is the channel that educates everyone. You would get courses like astronomy, US History, Artificial Intelligence, biology, anatomy, Physiology, and others courses. It has a different high school scheme of work topics.

Bright side

This is a Youtube channel that leaves your kids curious. The bright side helps bring out creativity in your kids. On the bright side, there are news, games, and different activities that your kids are well informed about.

PBS kids

This is a channel that is educative to kids. It creates awareness for your kids about the animal kingdom, the human body, types of climates, the stars, planets, and other topics that help feed the curious minds of the kids. Allow your kids to watch educational games and videos from curious George, Wild Kratts, and other PBS kid’s Shows. PBS kids have 1.82 million subscribers.

Khan Academy Kids

This is a lifetime of learning and discovery with our free and fun educational program for your kids that the age of two to eight. This is the channel for kids and their parents. The Youtube channel brings the kids and parents together to learn different topics. The channel is for kids from grade 1 to grade 4. Khan Academy Kids has over 580,000 subscribers.


This is the channel that celebrates and encourages innovation and creativity in K-12 schools. There are series available on this channel that focus on successes with evidence and give you the how-to videos that help to develop educational leadership. This is the world where schools give project-based learning, social and emotional learning, and also gives you access to knowledge on technology.

Sesame Street

This channel is a long-time loved channel by both children and adults. This is an American educational television series for children. Having a combination of live-action, sketch comedy, animation, and other fun activities.

ABC Mouse

This channel is for a subscription-based digital education program that is suitable for children from the ages of 2 to 8. Subscribers have access to learning activities on the website or the mobile app. The channel offers activities on songs and other animated stories for preschoolers and other elementary school students.

National Geographic

The national geography allows you to enjoy features like nature. Science, travel, and other fun activities. This Youtube channel helps inspires you to care about the planet. The choice of channel for science, exploration, and adventure.


This is the online sensation channel that gives parents the solution to boredom. This channel is about a father with two kids. The father’s name is Sergei and the name of the two boys are Alex and Max. Sergei Urban transferred all his experiments into a book.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

The necessary or important fact about a growing kid is growing with a healthy body and a healthy mind. Cosmic Kids Yoga takes you on the adventure of building strength, balance, and confidence. Helps the Kids to be more relaxed and mindful.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a free global children’s literacy program. Kids who love to read and listen to stories would love every content found on Storyline Online stories. You would enjoy imaginative stories with morals and illustrations that would keep kids engaged and entertained.

Dodo Kids

This is the number one most-viewed animal channel. This is the perfect channel for kids to be able to know more about animals and their behaviors. You would love this channel if you are an animal lover.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

This is the best educational Youtube channel suitable for girls. This is an organization that helps to build young girls with their life’s problems in a funny way but also in an informative way. The channel is a very suitable opinion for elementary and middle-school girls.

Peekaboo Kidz

This is the best choice of science subject for your kids. The channel features Dr. Binocs as the character that guides the kids through science subjects such as vaccines, carnivorous plants, and many other science subjects.

SciShow Kids

This is another science channel on Youtube for your kids. Jessi hosts the show, not just her, accompanying her is her rat robot companion that explains the experiment and helps to show the kids answers to all their questions.


The channel teaches your kids about spelling phonics and encourages your kids to go through the magical world of words. Your kids see the 26 letters come to life and some songs and games keep them entertained and learn the alphabet better.

Tinker lab

Tinker lab has a lot of topics that keep the interest of your kids occupied. Your kids could learn science experiments and your kids would learn with the aid of video lessons.

Super Simple Songs

This is a combination of nursery rhymes. Your kid gets to see creative animated videos and other videos that would learn. It is suitable for kids above 3 years.

Hoffman Academy

This is the channel for kids who choose to learn piano, this gives your kids the opportunity to learn piano from the comfort of their homes. There is a step-by-step guide that would help the kids.


Who is the Famous kid Youtuber?

The most famous Kid Youtuber happens to be Ryan Kaji, Ryan Kaji is the most popular and rich child Youtuber having over 30 million subscribers on Youtube. Ryan Kaji started YouTube in 2018.

What is the most Educational TV channel?

There are some examples of educational TV channels, which are as follows:

  • Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).
  • Annenberg Foundation Channel.
  • NASA TV.
  • TVOntario
  • Discovery Channel.

What genres do kVICTORSch the most on YouTube?

Kids love watching genres that include toys, gadgets, and the Italian treat called Kinder Surprise Eggs. Unboxing became a popularly watched kid YouTube channel such as Weird AI unboxing. That was chosen for the Grammy Award.

The 6 most watched channels watched by Kids on Youtube?

The following are the most-watched channels by Kids:

  • Odd Squad.
  • Just Kidding.
  • Little Lunch.
  • The Loud House.
  • Milo Murphy’s Law.
  • 100 Things to do before high school.

Should your Kid under 13 have a personal YouTube?

The age restriction for kids should be for kids under 13. It is advisable that you set the channel yourself as a parent or guardian. You have to monitor and manage every content they post and everything that concerns their channel. And everything they do should be according to the YouTube community guideline.

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