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Dunkins Donuts is the darling of a lot of people and it is a good place to hang out with friends. It produces yummy doughnuts with a fantastic cup of coffee. It is a very good company that can make anyone‘s day better with its delicious products. tellDunkins Donuts survey is the official customer satisfaction survey for Dunkins donuts.

Telldunkin Donuts

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Telldunkin Donuts          

Have you visited Dunkins Donuts before? Do you feel that they can make a few changes to their products and services? If you feel so, you can let them know about it through their official survey.

All you need to do at the Telldunkin Comsurvey is to answer a few simple questions about your last visit to Dunkin Donuts. At the end of the survey, you will be given the opportunity to win various gifts or discounts. All these free gifts, coupons, or discounts can be redeemed when neist you get to the store.

Sometimes you will win a free doughnut, other times, free mint sweepstakes, free coffee, or a free gift card.

Dunkin Donuts

Almost everyone knows about Dunkin Donuts, but here we are going to tell you a few more things about your favorite Dunkin Donuts. It was discovered by William Rosenberg in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. Dunkin Donuts is a specialty food and beverage store specializing in donuts, baked goods, and coffee. Dunkin Donuts has over 12,871 restaurants worldwide. They are based in Canton, Massachusetts, USA.

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Why Take The Dunkin Donuts Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Dunkin Donuts believes that customer satisfaction is its primary motivation. When asking for feedback surveys, Dunkin Donuts wants to know what customers think about their service. if they have any complaints or suggestions, Dunnkins will use them to improve their services.

Dunkin Donuts invites you to provide honest feedback on to help them improve their service and food and better serve their customers. Below are some of the questions they ask that help them bridge the gap between them and the buyers.

  • You will be asked to give a review on ho0 you like the environment of the place.
  • How do you like the services
  • How do you like staff behavior?
  • How was your overall experience?
  • How about the cleanliness of the place?
  • Any other issue or problem faced by the customer.
  • Any issues regarding prices charged?

These are the various questions that you can ask in the Survey.

Requirements to Take the Dunkin Donuts Satisfaction Survey?

There are certain requirements that you need to have before you can take the dunkinrunsonyou Com Survey. Check them out below

  • A recent Dunkins Donuts receipt
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have access to a computer or a good smartphone with a good internet connection.
  • To take part in the survey, you must understand the English Language or Spanish

These are the various requirements to have before you can take part in the Dunkins Donuts customer satisfaction survey.

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Rules of the Telldunkin Survey

All these terms and conditions must be at the back of your mind before you can take part in the survey.

  • The receipt that you are using for this survey must not be older than three days
  • The ]coupon code that you will be given at the end of the survey is valid for the next 180 days
  • All employees, family members, sponsors, or affiliates of Dunkin Donuts are not eligible for this survey.
  • Only one receipt can be used by one customer per visit
  • The coupon code for every transaction cannot be transferred to someone else.
  • The coupon code cannot be combined with other promotions
  • Any taxes associated with the redemption of the coupon will be handled by the customer

These are the various sales of taking this survey. Now, let us look at the simple steps to take to participate in this survey.

How to Take the Dunkin Donuts Customer Satisfaction Survey at

Once you have all the requirements of this survey and you are ready to obey all the rules, then you can take part in this survey. All you have to do here is follow all the steps below, and get a chance to win all the Dunkin Donuts Coupon codes.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the Telldunkins survey,
  • After that, you will be given an option to choose between English or Spanish to take the survey.
  • When you get to the next page, enter the 18 digits survey code. This code is located in the middle of your receipt. All you have to do is to enter the 18 digits code and then click start and take the survey.
  • If you cannot find the 18 digits code, click on the link that says I don‘t have a survey code and you will be directed to a new page asking for the 6-digit store number, or the Pc number, and the date and time of your visit. Provide all the information from the receipt and click next.
  • Now, you will be led to the original survey. Here, you will be asked a lot of questions that concern your last visit to Dunkins donut. Please give very honest reviews about your visit, whether positive or negative.
  • Once you have answered all the questions on the screen, you will be given a code. Note down this code in a place where you can always retrieve it.

This code can be used on your next visit to Dunkins Doughnuts.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Telldunkin Survey

How Do You Get Free Stuff From Dunkin Donuts?

Of course, you can. When you join DD Perks, you will earn five points for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases. Once you get up to 200 points, you will receive a free beverage reward.

Are Dunkin Donuts Perks free?

The DD Perks rewards program is a loyalty program for the regular customers of Dunkins Donuts. Applying for DD Perks is very easy and done through the Dunkin’ App or All the points Points accumulate in many ways. Once you’ve gathered 200 points, you will be eligible for a free beverage to go with your next favorite Dunkin’ Donuts.

How do I report a problem to Dunkin Donuts?

There are various ways that you can report any problems on Dunkins Donuts.

  • Call their customer care
  • Send them an email
  • Tweet Dunkin‘ Donuts
  • Follow Dunkin‘ Donuts on Instagram
  • Follow Dunkin‘ Donuts on Facebook.

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