Tecno Shows Its AI-Powered Robot Dog

Tecno shows its AI-powered robot dog. Who finally let the dogs out? Well, know that whether it is as a pet substitute or a high-tech solution and tool, mechanical dogs are capturing the imagination and curiosity of people.

Tecno AI-Powered Robot Dog

Tecno AI-Powered Robot Dog

Robot dogs have become a hot topic in recent years, with tech companies eagerly embracing the trend. Joining the fray, Chinese firm Tecno unveiled its debut robotic dog, Dynamic 1, at the Mobile World Congress, adding to the growing roster of high-tech canine companions in the tech industry.

Tecno’s Dynamic 1 boasts a sleek and futuristic design, equipped with AI capabilities that enable it to mimic dog-like movements such as climbing stairs, bowing, and even shaking hands. It features four microphones and an AI-based voice recognition algorithm for responding to voice commands, along with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for interaction via smartphone app or remote control.

Specs and Features of the Robot Dog

The robot dog incorporates a headlight system for indication and illumination of its path during interaction. Powered by an ARM CPU, Dynamic 1 offers dynamic stability, rapid post-fall recovery, and impressive speeds of up to 3.7 meters per second (approximately 8.3 miles per hour). It also includes a variety of cameras and sensors for obstacle navigation.

With a 15,000mAh battery, Dynamic 1 offers up to 90 minutes of usage time, and while it lacks USB-C charging, Tecno has implemented a system for quick battery exchanges and simultaneous charging.

Dynamic 1’s Design

Inspired by the German Shepherd, Dynamic 1’s design may not exude the same warmth as a real dog, but it offers a glimpse into Tecno’s vision of a future where robotic companionship is commonplace, marketed as providing the benefits of canine companionship with reduced upkeep.

The Robot Dogs Industry

While robot dogs have yet to become household staples, manufacturers continue to invest heavily in their development. In 2021, Xiaomi introduced its Cyberdog series, and Tecno’s unveiling of Dynamic 1 at the Mobile World Congress underscores the company’s commitment to advancing AI and robotics technology on a global scale. Whether Dynamic 1 will be commercially available remains uncertain, but Tecno is leveraging the opportunity to showcase its expertise in these cutting-edge fields.



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