Teardown Of PS5 Slim Reveals Its Intricacies And Many More

The Teardown of the PS5 Slim reveals its intricacies and many more such as the clever engineering of its detachable disc drive. Dave2D, the person behind the teardown shows just how easy it is to take out the disc drive for the new PlayStation 5.

Teardown of PS5 Slim

Teardown of PS5 Slim

The new PlayStation 5 as you should know has not come out yet and it also doesn’t even have a specific release date, but a couple of YouTubers in question have gotten their hands on it, and this is including Dave Lee from the Dave2D channel. Lee reportedly posted his teardown of the console yesterday, and if it is that you have been curious enough in regards to how that detachable disc drive works, then this is the best look you will probably get at it without purchasing the $499.99 PS5 yourself in the latter parts of this month.

The Breakdown of the Teardown

After Lee reportedly took off the plastic side cover of the PS5, you can easily see the drive sitting there with three screws staring right back at you. I initially thought that they were pentalobe screws at first, but at a later zoomed-in shot it shows that they are just standard crosshead screws. Phillips head, if that’s what you like. Okay, there are no surprises there. Good.

But then at the taking down, the thing just pops right out. The screws in question were a red herring, which if we are honest is a sleek modularity.

When Lee took the drive aside, it showed a port framed within an oblong hexagon where the connecter of the drive settles. This is one thing that I loved about so much of the design of machines such as the Power Mac G5. You get to see the part, you grab it, and you can even take it out as there is no hard, angular plastic connector to pinch, cut, or stab through your sweaty fingers as you get to make it free. Very tasteful.

Comparison of the New PS5 to the First One and the Xbox Series X Consoles

The drive aside, the new PS5 Slim in question is a very nice-looking system if it is that you are into the pointy Dracula collar look of the initial one. And when the YouTuber puts it next to the original, the size disparity as you should know is more drastic than past comparisons have made it look, even if it is that they are really not that differently sized; it is still very much bigger than the Xbox Series X, after all.

Lee has stated that it feels significantly lighter, too which is really great for when you want to take your PS5 out for its afternoon walk (or going over to your friend’s house).



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