T-Mobile Rolls Out a Hot Magenta Smart Suitcase

T-Mobile rolls out a hot magenta smart suitcase as it now seems like the carrier company is sort of in the luggage business.

T-Mobile Rolls Out a Hot Magenta Smart Suitcase

T-Mobile Rolls Out a Hot Magenta Smart Suitcase

Here is a quick question for you: what do you get when a top phone carrier reportedly teams up with a smart luggage brand? Well, it is simple as you get a super smart suitcase that is designed to keep you connected. And in this very particular case, it is one that you can spot from particularly 35,000 feet in the air.

T-Mobile has now collaborated with a new york-based luggage brand known as Samsara luggage in designing a suitcase that is loaded with many of the things that you need to stay productive all the while you are traveling.

The Result of This Collaboration is Un-carrier On

The result of this collaboration is Un-carrier On, which is a smart carry-on that is packed to the brim with many useful smart features. The product is now available for pre-order for $325 without tax in the US and it comes in one shade and one shade only, magenta, a true T-Mobile fashion.

In regards to its smart features, it does come with what you would normally expect from smart luggage, which is as you should have guessed a removable power bank and a USB-C port for charging activities. But it however also kicks it up a notch with a flat-top work surface that will help you put your laptop on, Samsara’s Tag Smart luggage tracking, an aluminum telescope handle that is adjustable, and also, wireless charging as USB-C charging is so last year.

Other Expected Benefits of This Product

And of course, you will be getting the basics and including a combination lock that is TSA-approved and 360-rotating spinner wheels.  The brands also added a set of eight packing cubes that will help to keep you organized.

When Will the Un-carrier On Start Shipping

Un-carrier On orders are expected to start shipping out later in November which will be just in time for your holiday travels.


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