Suvie Cooker – What Makes Suvie Unique | Suvie pricing

What is a Suvie cooker? Suvie cooker is a kitchen gadget that uses water to cool and cook meals that you assemble or order online. It is designed for meals that contain protein, starch, a vegetable, and sauce.

Suvie Cooker

The water cooks the protein and vegetables at the top of the Suvie using sous vide and steam, respectively, then it fills the starch compartment to cook what you have in there.

Suvie Cooker

The Suvie kitchen robot utilizes water to both refrigerate your food and cook a whole dinner. Suvie’s makers will send off a Kickstarter crusade on Feb. 6 to take preorders for the ledge broiler, which will begin at $429.

Suvie consequently refrigerates your food and starts cooking when you tell it. Plan ahead cool-to-cook works with sous vide, slow cook, warm and steam modes. Simply press the apparatus button for cool-to-cook in heat, meal, or sear modes.

What is Suvie?

The Suvie machine is a Wi-Fi-empowered ledge multi-zone cooker and fridge that effectively turns four individual supper parts crude proteins, new vegetables, dry starches, and culinary specialist planned sauces into one impeccably cooked, café quality feast that is prepared at whatever point you need it to be.

The creators of Suvie were propelled to make the Suvie framework since, as such countless individuals, that needed good dinners produced using new fixings yet seldom had the opportunity. They realized there must be a superior, more straightforward method for having an extraordinary outlook on how and what we feed the families.

What Makes Suvie Unique?

A typical day for the Suvie apparatus starts when you load four autonomous food parts into the machine and add water. The wizardry of Suvie is that it will then, at that point, consequently keep your food refrigerated until it’s an ideal opportunity to cook.

In view of when you advise the Suvie apparatus that you need to eat, it works out the exact time it will start cooking every one of the diverse cooking zones sous vide for protein, steaming for vegetables, bubbling for starches, warming for sauces, and simmering for the last touch. The fastidious computations guarantee an impeccably ready and coordinated supper.

Suvie pricing

The expense of the Suvie apparatus is the cost of the Kickstarter Rewards level you pick. There’s no necessity to prefer Suvie Smart Meals when you utilize the Suvie apparatus. You will actually want to arrange as numerous or as hardly any Suvie dinners as you like; you can stop or interrupt whenever.

At the point when you cook with your own fixings, the expense of food is dependent upon you.

With Suvie Smart Meals, introductory costs will be $10-$12 per serving. As we increment our dissemination and secure arrangement in supermarkets, we expect supper costs will go down to $7-$8 per serving.

How Suvie works

Here’s how Suvie works:

  • Load your meal items into each of the four cooking zones.
  • Schedule serving time on the appliance or remotely.
  • The Suvie appliance keeps your meal refrigerated until it’s time to cook.

Suvie is the only counter-top appliance that both refrigerates and switches to cooking so you can schedule your meal when you want it.


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