PUBG: Battlegrounds Is Now Free to Play

PUBG: Battlegrounds Is Now Free to Play. Back in December 2021 while the game awards were on, it revealed that tactical battle royale game PUBG: Battleground would be making a switch to a free-to-play business model on January 12, 2021.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Is Now Free to Play

Well, that day has finally arrived and now we can all download the game totally for free, jumping straight into the action on their favorite supported game console, PC, and Google Stadia.

Existing Players Get Special Treat

Just as announced originally, the new PUBG free-to-play business model includes a battleground plus tier with some interesting features not available to Basic tier players, which includes custom match and Ranked Mode. Most of these game modes remain accessible to players that choose to shell out their plus account, however.

Of course, a lot of PUBG players bought the games right before it became a free-to-play transition, and that support is acknowledged via a “special commemorative pack. the pack includes a battleground plus upgrade for the player’s account in addition to a lot of rewards.

As stated by the Xbox team, players get to see these items and include them automatically added upgrade to their PUBG account.

The battlegrounds plus upgrade for players that downloaded the game starting from today would be priced at $12.99 as stated by Xbox Store. The players that took part in the pre-registration event that took place this week right before the free-to-play switch was flipped get to receive their rewards by linking their Krafton ID and games accounts.

The Arrival of New Items

To add, the big F2P and plus tiered gameplay, PUBG has received some PUBG: battlegrounds along with some new items and other content. Of the changes, the two major ones that are involved in EMT Gear and Drone, two new Tactical Gear items that equip in the primary weapon slot and get the doors open for new strategies for battles.

Just as expected, the new drone items offer players long-distance scouting and surveillance for players that are taking a break from the fight. EMT Gear meanwhile reduces the readiness of combat, but it offers improved healing for the players and their teammates. Different healing items are being offered under the EMT Gear umbrella, including the first aid kits and bandages for max health healing, alongside the ability to bring your teammate if they’re knocked out of commission.

How to Download

PUBG might have faded so quickly from the eyes of the public as its competitors like Apex Legends and Fortnite take over the market, but there is a good reason for you to try out the game. Battlegrounds are like the most realistic titles in the battle royale genre, offering strategy-based gameplay without, for example, the Sci-fi weapons for Apex legends and the love-it-or-hate-it building mechanic in Fortnite.

The game can be played on PlayStation, Google Stadia, and Xbox, plus the game has an Android version and an iOS/iPad version.

Just as you would expect, gamers can download the game via the Xbox Store, and PlayStation gamers get to play the game via Sony’s PS Store. While for Players on Google Stadia, they can open the Stadia app, Search for PUBG and add the game to the library.


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