Summer Internships 2023 – When to Apply for Summer Internship

Summer internships are a great chance to differentiate yourself from your peers and lay the foundation for a successful professional life. Internships are an excellent opportunity for students and recent graduates to grow their skills and summertime is an ideal opportunity to look for one. Read through this blog carefully, it brings more information and enlightenment about the Summer Internships 2023 that are available.

Summer Internships 2023
Summer Internships 2023

Summer Internships 2023

As an overseas intern, you are going to become a part of an international community of emerging professionals. The interns live, travel, and gain knowledge together wherever they go. Together with a community of individuals who share your passions, you are going to have the special opportunity of immersing yourself in a new culture and nation.

These individuals will obviously develop lasting relationships with you. Of course, their team in the area is there to assist you at every turn, from obtaining a permit to picking you up from the airport to offering advice regarding where you’re going as well as what to see.

Once lessons are over, you can concentrate on your own development and your career’s growth beyond the classroom. Before beginning a new career, you’re given an exceptional chance for putting your skills and expertise to use in an academic setting.

With an internship during the summer abroad, you could profit from an important time in your career while still seeing the globe and traveling. Interns additionally gain fresh information regarding their subjects, however, they additionally depart behind the contacts and references that are vital in today’s employment market.

Benefits of Summer Internships

These are the major benefits that most summer internships offer interested individuals that would wish to apply.

  • Professional Internships
  • Cultural and Social events
  • Career training
  • Network of International contacts
  • Visa assistance
  • 24/7 support
  • Airport Pickup
  • Accommodations
  • If you’re not sure about what you want to do, this is a chance to do so.
  • the possibility of gaining crucial abilities required for what you want to do
  • Listable experiences for a resume while seeking employment
  • Possibility of financial reward
  • The ability to establish connections and a professional network

With these benefits that summer internship offers, it’s sure that you would want to miss out on internships during summertime.

When to Apply for Summer Internship

Applying for internships needs to be done well in advance of the season. This would occur for a lot of students in January, at the start of the spring semester. However, a lot of social gatherings happen in September or October at the beginning of the school year, so it’s crucial to attend and keep in mind what you want to accomplish.

You ought to select the internships you want to submit applications for through networking and study, and then you should start with the application process as soon as November and not later than January. Several candidates compete for numerous summer internships, which are in high demand. You are much more likely to get accepted into an internship if you apply earlier in the year.

International Internships

Internships overseas are rapidly overtaking local internships as students’ preferred option. Gaining real-world experience through a job at a foreign firm or organization while engaging in educational activities and earning college credits represents what means to be an international intern. Students in colleges have begun exploring the advantages of global internships with more conventional opportunities, so how do you decide for yourself?

It may be appropriate to investigate overseas internships if your employment objectives have become obvious or if you’re attempting to further your professional life after graduation. Below is a list of international internships that any individual can easily apply for:

  • WFP Internship 2023 without IELTS
  • Boeing Summer Internship 2023
  • Google Internship 2023
  • Amazon Internship 2023
  • Nestle Internship 2023
  • UNDP Volunteer and Internship Program 2023
  • UNICEF Volunteer and Internship Program
  • UNCHR Internship 2023
  • FAO Internship 2023 without IELTS
  • UNESCO Internship Program 2023
  • Microsoft internship Program 2023 worldwide
  • Apple Internship
  • WHO Global Internship
  • UNDP Internship 2023

Internship in USA

All of the American internships are available to students from abroad. While a few of them just offer stipends, some are fully funded. They are outlined here below:

  • Facebook
  • NASA
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • CSIS Internships 2023 in the USA
  • Bank of America Summer Internship 2024
  • Morgan Stanley Internship Program 2023
  • Apply to Google Internships 2023 for Students
  • KPMG Global Internship 2023 in the USA
  • Amazon Internship for Students
  • World Bank Legal Internship Program 2023
  • Council on Foreign Relations Summer Internship
  • Apple Internship 2023 for all
  • Microsoft Internship
  • Woods Hole Summer Internship
  • Adobe Internship
  • Cisco Internship
  • General Electric Internship
  • Twitter Internship
  • Airbnd Internship
  • Uber Internship
  • Pfizer Internship
  • Verizon Internship
  • Walt Disney Company Internship 2023

Internships in Africa

Below is a list of available internships in Nigeria for a better future.

  • Internships at the African Development Bank
  • Young Professionals Program of the African Development Bank
  • Opportunities for an ADB Internship Program Administration Internship in Africa
  • Internships at the African Union
  • Hospital AIC Kijabe Internships
  • International AIESEC Internships
  • Opportunities for Internship at Ashoka
  • Associated BBC Work Experience
  • Internships in Computer Science & Computer Engineering
  • Concerned about Internships for Working Children
  • Medical Internships with the Coral Reef Conservation Project (CRCP)
  • Program for internships in e8
  • internships with Femmes Africa Solidarité
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Paid Internships
  • Jobs & Internships at Genesis for Frank Jennings in South Africa
  • Google Summer Jobs
  • Jobs for Interns at Google
  • Google Fellowship for Policy
  • Internships at Goldman Sachs
  • Jobs for Graduate Trainees in Uganda
  • Fellowship Program of the Grameen Foundation
  • Jobs at Human Rights Watch
  • Humphrey Fellowships for Students
  • Internship with ICARDA
  • Internships & Visiting Professionals Program at the International Criminal Court
  • Internships at IDEP

Internships in Canada

Available internships in Canada.

  • Internship at Mitacs Globalink for Research
  • Cooperative and Internship Program of the Canadian Conservation Corps
  • Internships at AIESEC
  • Program Using AI for Social Good
  • CBIE, or the Canadian Bureau for International Education
  • Internships at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • Red Cross of Canada Internships

Internships in UK

  • Internships at the British Council
  • Program for Chevening Internships
  • UK Parliament Internship Program through AIESEC
  • UK internships at PwC


Students and young professionals can improve their skills in specific fields or industries while gaining useful experience through summer internships. To create a brighter future, determine through or discover internship opportunities nearby.


What is a Summer Internship?

Summer internships typically last 8 to 12 weeks and allow students to obtain useful experience in a particular field from May through August. Internships can be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, and vary by company and role. In high school, college, or graduate school, the students could be.

Are Summer Internships Paid?

A lot of internship opportunities are paid

Even yet, occasionally an unpaid internship may be available. Depending on the type of experience you’re searching for, it can be worthwhile to consider an unpaid internship.

What are the Requirements For Summer Internships?

Typically, internships that last a semester call for a part-time commitment of no more than 20 hours a week. Students typically need to put in at least 150 hours of labor over the course of the term in order to receive college credit for an internship. The majority of the time, summer internships necessitate a full-time work schedule.

How Long is Summer Internships?

The majority of undergraduate students do a summer internship in between academic years. These summer internships normally run 10 to 12 weeks and take place from late May or early June to early or late August.

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