Sucuri Sitecheck – How the Sucuri Scanner Tool Works

Have you heard of Sucuri Sitecheck before? This platform is a very popular one among webmasters all over the world. If you don’t know about this platform, it, therefore, means that you are not a webmaster. Or if on the other hand, you are a webmaster and you don’t know about the Sucuri site checker it simply means that you are new to the all webmaster thing. However, you have nothing to worry about as this article will be pointing out to you everything you need to know about this tool.

Sucuri Sitecheck

Sucuri Sitecheck

Having a website is one thing. Keeping it safe from hackers and other forms of malware is another thing. It is in fact the most important thing about having a website. Hackers are relentless in their pursuit to hack or gain access to your website. Some don’t want to just hack your website and gain full control; rather they want your visitor’s information. Whatever type they are it is empirical to always keep your site safe.

Trust me when I tell you this, keeping a website safe and clean of malware is difficult. It’s not that it is impossible or anything. It’s just that it is strenuous, mostly when you are new to it.  I mean, warding off hackers from your site and also updating the site with various contents can be tiring and this is where the Sucuri site checker platform comes in. the Sucuri Sitecheck platform is a website security platform.

This platform just as I have mentioned already is a website security platform or tool. This very tool helps with keeping your site clean of malware and safe from hackers. This platform or tool also helps in making your website fast and protected on all fronts and sides.

Sucuri Sitecheck Features

The features of this platform or tool are numerous but they are all aimed majorly in securing your website. This tool helps remove malware from your website and repairs hacks. The tool will help scrutinize and scan your website checking for hacks, security incidents, and downtime. This tool also has a website firewall feature. This feature will help protect and speed up your website. Lastly, this tool helps you with website backup features. Having a website backup is the best type of security you can have in place on your website and fortunately, the Sucuri Site check tool has this feature in place.

How The Sucuri Sitecheck Tool Works

This tool helps in scanning your website checking your website for malware and viruses. If your site is blacklisted by a powerful and popular site like Google and PhishTank, this tool will help check it out. And if your site is blacklisted it will help rectify it. This tool also sort out of date plugins and extensions and also provides solutions for them. Lastly, it helps detect your website security issues.

Sucuri Sitecheck Scanner

The Sucuri Sitecheck tool is a free tool and can be used by anyone to scan his or her website. But one thing that you should about the free feature of this tool is this. When you scan your website with the free feature, results are limited, not accurate nor guaranteed.

For a full scan on your website, you will need to pay for that service. There are various plans on this platform, you will need to choose the one that best suits you and you can afford and subscribe to it. To learn more about the plans and how you can subscribe to it, go Here on your device. On this page, you will not only choose a plan but will also set up an account. To make use of the free feature, go Here.

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