Cyber Security Jobs – How to Become a Cyber Security Expert

“Cyber Security Jobs”. The need for cybersecurity in the technology and finance industries is continually on the rise as there is a need to protect the company and its clients from cybercriminals. There are a lot of job opportunities open to one as cybersecurity personnel, and in this article, we shall be discussing all there is to know about cybersecurity jobs, qualifications, salaries, and more.

Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber Security Jobs

Cybersecurity jobs are ones that deal with protecting organizations from digital attacks such as cyber fraud, hacking, and many other harmful cyber activities. The goals of cybersecurity experts are to ensure the networks and information of both the organization and its client are safe and not vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Skills Needed for a Career in Cyber Security

As many businesses continue to expand their operations online, the need for cybersecurity becomes even more pertinent. Cybersecurity jobs are well-paying in any organization, and as such, there are some technical skills required of you as cybersecurity personnel, and they include the following below:

  • The ability to make decisions with confidence and intuition
  • The ability to work effectively under pressure and meet up with tight deadlines
  • To have a clear understanding of confidentiality issues and relating laws
  • To have a keen interest and passion for the IT sector
  • The ability to work creatively and think outside the box.
  • The ability to pay attention to detail.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to be flexible in your communication style to meet the expectations of different audiences.

These skills and more are what you’ll pick along the way to the peak of your career through learning and experience.

Top Cyber Security Careers and Salary

Cybersecurity jobs can be as wide as you can imagine, and so, there are many career options available if you plan on going into the field. Some of the top careers available to a cybersecurity personnel include the following:

Cyber security careers Annual average Salary
Chief InfoSec Officer $162,037
Security Architect (IT) $123,687
Security Manager (IT) $108,464
Security Assessor $102,500
Security Engineer $90,745
Information Security Consultant $85,430
Security Director $85,728
Penetration Tester $84,605
Incident Manager $80,873
Information Security Specialist $76,358


How to Become a Cyber Security Expert

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

This is fundamentally the first qualification that will set you apart from the crowd. Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security a related field such as Computer Science where courses like programming and Statistics and other computer-related courses are being thought at the end of four-five years in a tertiary institution is the first step to preparing you for a bright career in cybersecurity.

Complete Advanced Training

Most times, it’s usually not enough to bag a Bachelor’s Degree and throw in the towel. Most well-paying companies will require employees to have an advanced degree such as a Master’s Degree in cybersecurity, which takes about one or two years two complete after obtaining the Bachelor’s Degree.

This puts you way ahead of the crowd and limits your competition in the labor market.

Pass Security Clearances (if and where applicable)

If you wish to work in departments where highly classified information is being held such as the military of a government, you must be willing to submit clearance documentation, which will be followed by a Background investigation which takes about three months to a year to complete after getting employed.

This, of course, puts your paycheck way above others without such clearance.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Cybersecurity jobs have been estimated to have a 31% spike in demand and forth-coming years, so people with a love and passion for computer programming and IT skills should definitely give enough consideration.

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