Student Energy Fellowship Program 2023 – Apply Now!

Student Energy Fellowship Program 2023. Are you looking for means to legit means to leave your country in search for knowledge? Or do you want to build values and relationship in 2023? Student Energy Fellowship is the right application for you in 2023. Keep reading for more information!Student Energy Fellowship Program 2023

Student Energy Fellowship Program 2023

Student Energy Fellowship Program is designed for youths who are passionate about energy transition towards a project, or task to produce a result.

It is a multidisciplinary program that breeds youths in the direction of their career path by enhancing their energy and vibes. It consists of peer learning, leadership skills, project skills, team spirit, mentorship, and relationship development among fellows from around the world.

This 8-month virtual program provides core energy systems education and direct young minds positively into their goals and purpose.

Application is now open!

History of Student Energy Program

It all started with a spark with three passionate students and full of energy who discovered that fellow youths had no privilege to engage with decision makers and influential personalities.

They developed a single ambitious idea comprising of young people from diverse continents setting up an agenda and bringing hundreds of passionate youths from an international conference.

So determined and goal-seeking, they hosted the first International Student Energy Summit in 2009 and since then Student Energy has expanded into a global organisation, breeding energetic and goal- driven fellows.

Eligibility for Student Energy Fellowship Program 2023

  • For applicants at aged 18-30
  • Open to students or recent graduates from any field.
  • Recommend 2-5 participants as a team.
  • Open to students in all countries.
  • Must be able to work remotely.
  • Accessible to computer or an internet provider Android or iOS.
  • Must be passionate about development

How to Apply for Student Energy Fellowship Program 2023

Visit their official website

Fill out all necessary information as requested

Submit form.

Graduation Criteria

For you to graduate at the end of the program, every fellow must ensure:

  • He attends one and half hour of meeting every month for 8-month program
  • Complete 2 online learning units every month and 1 assignment every 2 month for 8 months to sum up 16 online units and 4 assignment.
  • Be an active fellow in all projects and meetings.

Team Requirements

There must be either a team or individual. For a team, it should comprise of 2-5 persons actively engaged. The maximum number of persons for a team is 5. Each  team member must fill out their application form and be coordinated before forming their group.

Individual Requirements

For an individual with no team, application is also open. Ensure you meet with your coach every month and complete all assignments for the period of 8 months.

Project Deadline

From March 2023 to October 2023, you or your team will have developed a project idea with help from your coach. Please note that there is no deadline to completing your project even when the program ends only ensure you’re in contact with your coach and be productive as a fellow and team.

Maximum Time Commitment

As an online program, demands are made every month till the duration of the program. You are required to spend 80 hours at the end of 8 months hence, 10 hours every month is required of your assignment, projects, meetings, etc.


You stand to:

  • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.
  • Builds project and leadership skills.
  • Creates networking amongst other fellows.


Application closes on 31st December 2022

If you have any question, please contact



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