Strong Password Examples – How to Create a Strong Password

Strong password examples are the best question suitable for a person who would want to secure his/her information from a third party. The benefit of having a strong password can not be overemphasized, as it is a good tool for keeping your online account safe from being hacked.

Strong Password Examples

Strong Password Examples

It’s quite normal due to ignorance to use a password that cyber frauds can easily guess just within hours. Giving room to identity theft and extortion is a risk not worth taking. On this note it is important you stand against cyber fraud and modern password theft by creating a strong password such as.

  • banklogin!56.
  • @loveTHmYpiano$.
  • &111suSaN93.
  • JuStMe^.
  • *AlLofMe40.
  • $m3LLycat.
  • Jell8Yfish.
  • Eey%39.
  • MdBesT9.
  • *usher3.
  • Wd8itagamM#.
  • lOve#0.
  • SuHa39.
  • 780DBset^.

These are good examples of a strong password. you may be having some questions running through your mind. These may be questions like “how then can I create a strong password”?

Anyone who would have gone through the experience of cyber identity theft will want to ask the same question. Those who may have been hearings about it will not want to go through it, so they are like to ask some questions.

How to Create a Strong Password

The internet had guaranteed a safe medium for keeping confidential documents and data safe, but it’s really unfortunate that identity theft has proven it wrong. To protect yourself from the modern hacker’s system, you need a powerful password. You may be wondering how to make one, here are steps to follow.

  • For your password to be capable of protecting your information, it should be “long”.
  • It should be hard to guess. You can achieve this by, not using sequences and common ones as a matter of fact.
  • Allow the use of varied character types. This means, your password should be capable to accommodate both lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and symbols.
  • Use uncommon word combinations. Well, you can use words that are common but should be arranged in an odd order making it difficult for anyone to figure out.
  • Don’t use character substitution. This is really not safe because due to smart technology hackers could easily code it.
  • Always use a different password for different accounts.

These are good steps to help you out in creating a strong and even stronger. Having a password that would keep you in a certain state of mind is amazing. However, there is every reason to be bothered about how to remember the password so your effort would not end up being useless.

If you find it difficult to remember your password then you should keep reading. There will be helpful tips to help you remember your password.

How to Remember your Password

Since your password is your gate would to cyber security, you are fully responsible for full documentation of the password. Moreso, it has been discovered that most people find it difficult to remember their passwords due to their different futures and characters. Would you want to know how to remember your password? then follow the tips below.

  • You can write down the password (need for documentation) on a note to which you can easily reach out whenever you forget.
  • It can be saved on your phone notes app.
  • Save on your browser autofill password saver. It is a very helpful tool to remember your password without stress.

You should give the above guide a try and you have no difficulty with your password. Hence, your will live free from cyber theft and hackers. Having given proper consideration to the above we will be looking forward to answering some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions  

It will be fair to look into certain questions that may likely stand to put most people worried. Curiosity is given solution on the ground of answers provision. Would you like to get proper clarity on some areas that will ensure your safety? Then, keep your focus on the write-up.

What is a Good Example of a Simple Password?

I need a strong password I want it to be simple, how is it possible? It is very possible for your password to be simple yet strong. Would you want to know how it is done? Hold tight and enjoy enlightenment.

Good Simple Strong Password

Getting a simple strong password is as easy as your name. To achieve that aim you will have to use “one uppercase character”, “five to six lowercase characters”, mixed with either one or two “digits”, and “special numbers”. This is a good way of setting up a simple strong password.

Why Should I Update my Password?

Updating your password does not necessarily mean you have to change the password totally. It only means you will have to change some characters in the password to ensure full safety. It shows how security conscious you are and can be. Furthermore, there are passwords that are very essential to be updated as time goes on due to their sensitive nature. This could be.

Essential Password to Update

The following is the password that needs to be updated as time goes by.

  • Your password for your “phone provider”.
  • “email” password.
  • Your Bill payment password.
  • “Online banking” password.
  • “Social media” password.
  • Your “password manager master password”.

This password needs to be updated to prevent falling into the wrong hands.



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