Spotify’s Leading Female Podcaster Is Launching Her Own Podcast

Spotify’s leading female podcaster is launching her own podcast. Alex Cooper of Call Her Daddy podcast is reported to be starting her very own podcast network. The Unwell network as it will be called is set to cater to the Gen Z demographic.

Spotify’s Leading Female Podcaster

Spotify’s Leading Female Podcaster

The leading female podcaster of Spotify is set to be branching out. Alex Cooper has now launched a new Gen-Z-focused podcast known as The Unwell Network as per an announcement that was viewed by The Verge.

The new company as you should know will be a subsidiary of Trending, which is the media company that Cooper launched this very year with Matt Kaplan, her partner. Alix Earle and Madeline Argy who are two TikTok personalities mostly popular with an audience that is born after Y2K, have now come on board to host shows. Unwell has nabbed former senior director of operations Moorea Mongelli of Studio71 to serve as its president.

“We’ve curated a slate of hosts we know will transform long-form content as we know it. Our team is delighted to bring the Gen Z audience content tailored just for them,” Mongelli in a statement said.

Call Her Daddy Will Be Part Of the Unveil Network

Call Her Daddy in question will become a part of The Unwell Network, but the show will however stay exclusive to Spotify. The upcoming slate of podcasts of the network will not be associated with Spotify, however, and it will be available on other podcast players.

The Call Her Daddy podcast of Cooper which is an interview show that is focused on sex and relationships has been exclusive to Spotify since the year 2021, after she reportedly signed a $60 million deal with the audio giant. The deal in question was one of Spotify’s more expensive deals, although well below the estimated $200 million deal that the company reportedly signed with Joe Rogan back in 2020. Her show as you should know is consistently the second-biggest podcast on Spotify in the United States, behind Rogan’s, and it has regularly gone viral with various video clips from her interviews.

Multimillion-Dollar Exclusivity Podcast Deals

But the era of multimillion-dollar exclusivity podcast deals appears all to be over, as Spotify now aims to cut costs and then shift away from its strategy of splashy exclusives. Spotify and The Ringer Podcast Network in the previous month unveiled Speidi’s 16th Minute, which is hosted by Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who are two former reality stars from The Hills, an MTV reality show that got to air its last episode in the year 2010. Spedi in question will not be exclusive to Spotify — neither will a Spotify original podcast that will be hosted by Trevor Noah expected to launch in the latter parts of this year.

Why Cooper Is Reportedly Branching Out

That may get to speak as to why Cooper is reportedly branching out with an eye toward Gen Z. The consumption of podcasts by Gen Z is currently on the rise, and they are always open to listening across a variety of platforms as well as forms. Monthly podcast consumption reportedly spiked by 57 percent over the past couple of five years, as per a recent report from SXM Media and Edison Research. The cohort in question is also the most likely to watch podcasts on the video streaming platform YouTube, where podcasts mimic the streaming-style format of Twitch, and episodes in question can span multiple hours.



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