Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped Brings More Personality to Your Streaming Habits on the Platform

Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped brings more personality to your streaming habits on the platform. Additionally to this, the AI DJ of Spotify will play all of your favorite tunes for the year 2023 and then offer a tad bit extra piece of info about them also.

Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped Streaming Habits

Spotify’s 2023 Wrapped Streaming Habits

What type of music did you stream in 2023? Spotify, once again, is reportedly laying it all out for its listeners.

Kicking off on Wednesday, eligible Spotify users can reportedly get access to as well as deck out their social media with their personalized 2023 Wrapped results. And for those that don’t know what Wrapped means, this is the deep dive of the music-streaming service directly into your listening habits for the whole year. The Wrapped experience as you should know continues to present your top artists, genres, songs, podcasts as well as minutes listened to on the platform, along with a couple of new inclusions. Know that it is available in the latest app version as well as at

Spotify’s New “Me in 2023” Feature

Spotify’s new feature “Me in 2023” for the year 2023, assigns you one of 12 streaming habits that effectively reflect your usage, such as Luminary (you play light, upbeat music more than others on the platform), Alchemist (you get to create more playlists than others) as well as Shapeshifter (you are quick to move from one artist to the next). The service in the previous year sorted users into a listening personality, and this in question seems very much like a similar feature. There is also a new feature known as Sound Town, which reportedly matches you to a city that is based on your year of streaming.

Spotify’s AI DJ is Part of the Wrapped Experience

The AI DJ of Spotify is also a part of the Wrapped experience of this year. For one week, the DJ as you should know will provide commentary regarding artists, genres, and songs, as well as music that is based on what you listened to in the year 2023.

Spotify Is the Biggest Streaming Service in the Globe

Spotify for those that don’t know is the biggest streaming service in the globe based on paid subscribers, counting over 200 million. An individual subscription on the platform is $11 a month. That said, this is the ninth year of Wrapped, as per the streaming service.



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