Splash Financial Student Loan Refinance – How to Apply for a Loan with Splash Financial

There are different loaning platforms that can stand in the gap for you when you find yourself in financial trouble. Many of these platforms have been discussed on this website. Today, I am going to talk about what id rather refer to as the mother of these platforms. Today I will talk about Splash Financial Student Loan Refinance and much other information about Splash Financials.

Splash Financial Student Loan Refinance

Splash Financial Student Loan Refinance

Splash Financial is like a marketplace for that gives you offers from multiple lenders to refinance your student loans. This marketplace was founded in 2013. It offers students refinance loans from multiple lenders. This Marketplace is best for borrowers who want quotes from multiple lenders.

Benefits of Using the Splash Financial Loaning Marketplace

These are the benefits of using this platform

  • In splash, you are assigned to a dedicated account representative
  • On this platform, you can see if you qualify and what rate you will get without a hard credit check.

Now, let us look into the unique features of this platform

Features of Splash Financial

The platform, Splash financial offers different types of loans, like private student loans, general students loans refinancing, and of course medical school loan refinancing. The platform stands out because of the incredibly low student loan rates that it offers to its clients. This can help qualified borrowers save more money on interest, and pay off their loans faster.

Another amazing thing is that splash financial also offers its refinancing products to students without any form of refinancing fees . This means that you can move into a loan product that is more affordable product and pay back whenever you want for more savings.

Requirements for Getting a Loan on Splash Financial

On a general basis, residents and citizens of the united states can easily apply for a loan through the splash platform, Although there are some exact requirements and they vary from lending partner to lending partner. You can apply with a cosigner if you and your co- signer are US Citizens.

Also, the loaning platform also qualifies graduates with four year degrees from Title IV accredited institutions for loan refinancing. Also, it qualifies professionals with associate degrees. Parents with PLUS loans are eligible to refinance if their children/child has earned a degree.

Who is the Splash Loan Good for?

The loans offered on the platform are best for borrowers with very good or excellent credit, since those borrowers will have to qualify for the best rates and terms. Splash financing is also preferable if you want to refinance a lot of student loan debt since it does not have a maximum loaning amount.,

Splash Financial Student Loan Refinance Rates

The lenders of Splash financials may vary, but in general, you will most likely receive a 0.25 % discount when you set up autopay. The loans rates reflect the amounts given below

Loan Products Variable Rate Fixed rate
Private student loans
Student loan refinancing
Starting at 1.74% APR
Starting at 1.99% APR
Medical school loan refinancing
Starting at 2.28% APR
Starting at 2.81% APR


Fees and Penalties

The first benefit of the splash financial loaning platform is that it does not require any form of origination fees to apply. The other fees like late fees may depend on the particular lender that gives the loan.

How to Apply for a Loan with Splash Financial

To get a loan here, you have to prequalify first by heading to the website, www.splashfinancial.com, and then click on ‘check my rate‘. After that, you will have to provide information like your email address, name, your home address, date of birth, citizenship status, education level, your income, and desired loan amount.

After this, you will be presented with a range of loan options and rates that you qualify for. If you decide to proceed with any of the options, you will be required to fill out a full loan application, this will lead to a hard loan inquiry on your credit report. The documents you will need to complete your loan will include;

  • Pay stubs or a tax return for income verification
  • A Photo ID
  • Payoff verification statements for each of your current loan servicers, if you are applying for refinancing.
  • You will require a graduation certification, such as a photo or copy of your diploma or transcripts if you are refinancing.

These documents will be uploaded directly to the Splash financing online portal. To get more information about splash financial, visit their main website, www.splashfinancial.com.


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