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How can I get software developer jobs with visa sponsorship in the USA? You don’t have to worry as this article contains all you need to know about software development and the visa you have.

Software Developer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in the USA

The USA is a very nice country to work in. The country has a great growing company where you can make an impact as a software developer.

Software Developer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship In the USA

If you love creating software or dream of JavaScript, this article is for you. If you also enjoy pushing python and PHP to their limits, welcome to the USA then.

For software developers, there are free visas in the USA to work. However, you must have good written and verbal communication skills to work in the USA. Scroll down for more details.

Who is a Software Developer?

Software Developer is also called a computer programmer or a coder. However, a coder is a person who creates, program, build, deploy, and maintain software using many different skills and tools.

Furthermore, they assist to build software systems that power networks and devices and to ensure that those systems remain functional.

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics
  • 6+ months of experience in verifying software components
  • 6+ months of experience using a python programming language
  • Excellent communication skills

Experience You Must have

  • 2+ years of software development experience
  • Excellent logical and problem-solving abilities
  • Outstanding programming, testing, and debugging abilities
  • Brilliant communication skills both in writing and speaking
  • ability to cooperate with others Ability to swiftly learn new business processes
  • Knowledge of data processing and RESTful APIs in Python or PHP
  • Programming experience with contemporary web application frameworks like Vue.js or equivalent.
  • Experience with Laravel is a bonus.
  • Knowing MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • knowledge of automated testing methods and frameworks

Skills Of Software Developer

  • Have good communication & writing skill
  • Skill to work with teamwork
  • The ability to time management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Must be accountability
  • Creativity and flexibility, high energy, strong work ethic, and Strong problem-solving skills


  • You will design and develop applications, integration with cloud technologies
  • Take part in technical planning & requirements gathering phases
  • Ability to adapt and work with team members of various experience levels
    to create and develop applications, and integrate with cloud tech.
  • use a variety of techniques and technology that call for ongoing learning
  • Participate in problem-solving, incident management, and solution execution.
  • Determine the risks, problems, and dependencies of the given tasks or projects and report them.
  • Regularly observe and carry out security and maintenance tasks.


  • Access competitive salary according to experience and benefits.
  • Permanent employment with visa sponsorship.
  • Green card processes are available after 12 months of employment.
  • Opportunity to work from anywhere in the US.
  • Opportunities for advancement and rapid growth for good performance.
  • Flexible schedule with remote, hybrid, and on-site options.
  • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance.
  • 401K with company matching.


How much does a software developer make? There are different developers, so their salary is dependent. There are data scientists developers, data security developers, and more.

Furthermore, their median salary in 2021 is $120, 730. And you know how everything has changed so far, their salary now will be greater than the former.

Website to Apply for Job in the USA

The best place to find a job with visa sponsorship is online, and certain websites offer jobs.

However, as an easy search for an online job, finding the right site to apply to is not that easy. So, we made some research and pick out the top site to make find jobs from. Below are the top sites to consider when looking for software developer work with a free visa:

  • Google

Furthermore, you can click on the link and start the application for the software developer job online.

Types of Software Developers

There are two primary types of software engineers, they include:

Application software developers

Applications software developers design computer applications, such as games, for consumers. They may create custom software for a specific customer or commercial software to be sold to the general public.

Furthermore, some applications software developers create databases or programs for use internally or online.

And Systems software developers

A systems developer is a type of software developer. They develop and implement applications and programs for the backend processing systems used in businesses and organizations.

Nevertheless, backend processing systems are the behind-the-scenes parts of software that don’t have a user interface, except for administration purposes.

For instance, these developers are:

  • Frontend Web Developer.
  • Backend Web Developer.
  • Full-Stack Web Developer.
  • Mobile App Developer.
  • Desktop Software Developer.
  • Data Scientist (Big Data Developer) etc.

How to Apply

To apply online, you will have to complete the online application before you can be called for an interview.

To apply for a software developer job in the USA with a visa sponsor follow this process.

  • Get Your documents ready (resume, CV, and email)
  • Connect to the strong network using your smartphone
  • Go to and click on the search bar
  • Search for the job and the place you want to work
  • Upload your resume on the career site
  • If you have applied before, submit your email and password.
  • But if it is your first time, create an account and your opportunity awaits.

Once your online application is accepted, you will be called for an interview. Below are some of the interview questions to expect.

Interview Questions for a Software developer with visa sponsorship in the USA

Below are some of the questions to expect during the interview:

  • Why Did You Choose a Career in Software Development?
  • What Programming Languages Are You Proficient In?
  • Can You Describe the Steps Involved in Software Development?
  • Tell Me About a Software Development Project You Completed Successfully.
  • How Do You Ensure Quality and Fix Errors?
  • Why do you want this job as a visa sponsorship software engineer?
  • What is your philosophy toward works?
  • Have you made an impact on your team in the past
  • How do you feel about technology in the workplace in general?

Visa Required for Software Developer

B1/B2 visas are applicable for both business travel and tourism. So, a B1 visa can be used for software engineer work in the USA.

Furthermore, you can as well use A 0-1 visa which is available for software developers and all computer scientists.


For a 0-1 visa, you must have a job offer from an organization in the USA. While for a B1 visa, you must have a bachelor’s degree.

Where to Work as Software Developer

Software engineers may work for businesses that design computer systems or make electronic products.

Furthermore, some work for software publishers or in offices that design programs, like insurance companies and corporate organizations.


How can I get a visa sponsorship to work in the USA?

The first thing to do is to get an employment contract and then you will have to submit a labor certificate. Step three is to submit the documents to the USCIS and wait for your sponsorship application to be processed.

How can a software engineer get the US to work visa?

A 0-1 visa is available for software developers and all computer scientists. However, you must have a job offer or contract from an organization in the United States before you can qualify for an 0-1 visa.

Can I get an H1B visa for a software engineer?

Yes, you can apply for a software engineering job vacancy in the U.S. through an H1B visa. But for you to apply, you must have a bachelor’s degree, an H1B visa sponsor, submit LCA, and lastly, your employer will submit forms 1-129.

Who is called a software developer?

Software engineering is something refers to software developers who create software for computers and applications. You can find a career as a software engineer in the USA with a visa sponsor if you are an analytical thinker who enjoys making digital products easier to use.

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