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Speaking of SHIPT, are you ensuring you don’t run out of groceries is a shared priority many homes have. But doing so can be challenging in a period that has been hit hard by the covid 19 pandemics.


If only you had a way of getting grocery items without having to leave home or violate covid 19 lockdown guidelines life would be so much easier. That’s a service you can find using Shipt.


Shipt is an online grocery store that delivers paid items to your home. On here there are loads of grocery items, home products, and even select electronics.

One strong quality is its same-day delivery service. It’s a company that has improved in quality over the years. They’ve partnered with hundreds of retailers across its trade areas and have a broad work base.

Basic SHIPT Requirements

We’ll highlight the most important points on Shipt and help you get started shopping. The key factors in using Shipt are for you to reside in its trade areas and also be on a subscription.

The quality of service rendered by Shipt requires that you are either on a monthly or yearly subscription. And if you happen to be outside of Shipt service areas you would have opted for other shopping alternatives.

Shipt operates in major US cities, including others with no other grocery delivery services. To confirm if Shipt operates in your area, simply go over to its homepage and enter your zip code into the box.

You’ll be informed via a built-in checker on the availability of Shipt service in your area. To stay informed as to when they do show up, you can input your email to sign up for launch notifications.

As for the subscriptions, they are priced at a monthly fee of $14 and a yearly subscription of $99. You can opt for whatever fee best suits your shopping routine.

There’s still a delivery fee on orders but much fairly priced compared to similar services. However, orders over $35 are delivered free, while others under $35 have a delivery fee of $7.

How to Use Shipt to Get Grocery

If you’ve done online shopping already, perhaps on a different e-store, then you can quickly get a grasp on using the platform. There aren’t many differences between these sites. This quick guide on how to use Shipt would be enough to bring you up to speed, and those new to shopping online would find it helpful in getting started.

  • First, you need to create an account. To do so you can use its app (downloadable from your app store), or simply use its browser version on your computer. Go to to sign up.
  • Next, choose your preferred subscription plan.
  • Once done, you can begin shopping. You’re required to choose from the available online stores in your area.
  • Next, browse the app or website for grocery items or other products you want.
  • Add items to your cart and proceed to check out.
  • Upon checking out you’ll choose your delivery options, which include your location and delivery time.
  • Proceed to pay and you’re done.

Shoppers would receive your order and once it is being processed you will be notified. Depending on your location, product, and delivery time you can receive orders delivered to your door in a few hours. More research can be done on Google.

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