Seven Things You can do in The Morning to be More Productive

Seven Things You Can Do in The Morning To Be More Productive. Most times, our mornings are not well utilized, immediately after the sun rises, we literally feel our mornings slipping away.

Seven Things You Can Do in The Morning To Be More Productive

There are so many ways to make sure that this part of our day is very well utilized. And don‘t forget that a successful morning makes a successful day.

Seven Things you Can do in The Morning to be More Productive

“Studies show that a positive start can significantly impact overall happiness levels and enhance productivity,” Kayote Joseph, a therapist, says, stating that it only takes 10 minutes to jumpstart your morning. why? “How you begin your day impacts your reticular activating system, which sifts and sorts external information,” she says, and helps you identify “more things to be grateful for or feel positively about.”

Below are the things every person should consider achieving every morning.

Understand your Body

“A healthy and productive morning routine is one that sets you up for a positive mindset coupled with an energized body,” Marcellus says, it might vary from person to person. According to her, you have to study and understand yourself very well to know what makes you feel inspired mentally and physically. Not just practices, but foods, exercises, movement, etc.

Get Moving

One of the major sets of movements that can help you jumpstart your day is an effective exercise, have a good morning routine that works for you. “Movement combined with breath oxygenates every cell in the body, enlivening you both physically and mentally,” says Marcellus.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

Having a very good breakfast can be one of the best things that can happen to you in a day. Make sure you have the most nutritious breakfast because you will need the energy generated for your entire day.

“The key is to figure out which foods make you feel most energetic,” she says. “Many of my clients do better with yogurt or egg-based breakfasts and save grains for later in the day.”

Stay Away from Device for the First Ten Minutes

So many people keep making the same mistake. Avoid checking your social media, emails and your phone generally immediately you wake up. There are other more important things that can be attended to. You could pray, plan your day, meditate, etc.

“Research shows that the first 10 minutes of one’s morning set the tone for one’s entire day, and checking emails and social media produce stress hormones in the brain, like adrenaline and cortisol,” Joseph explains.

Practice Self Care Techniques

One major self-care practice that most successful people endorse is meditation. Meditation is important to kick start your day, things like visualizing the future help to exercise your mind. The goal in meditation is not just to help exercise your mind, but the relaxation it brings to your whole body and mind.

Dress Smartly Everyday

“I encourage people to get dressed and [look] put together, no matter what. It’s not about vanity—it’s about energy,” Marcellus says.

The whole agenda of your look should be structured in the morning. You should take advantage of your morning to fix your looks, arrange your hair, choose your outfit, apply a few makeups, etc.

Practice Consistency

One of the best ways we can build our subconscious mind is through consistent practice. Practicing consistency can go a long way to making you successful. As the great Dan lock will say “the rich are richer because they have healthy habits.“ Therefore, build your healthy habits and start in the morning.


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