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It isn’t surprising with the high search on tips on how to best advertise on Facebook. With the high rate of audience size, the platform is high in demand.  Facebook now boasts over 1.13 billion daily active users on – 1.03 billion of which access the social network via mobile devices. Social media has a lot of attention these days take for instance People spend a lot of time on social networks.

How to Advertise on Facebook

The average user spends about 50 minutes just on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger every day. The targeting options within Facebook Ads are incredible. Businesses can target users by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and much more.

How to Advertise on Facebook

With the increase in technology, you can easily know how to advertise on Facebook. If you’re looking for the best platform to reach your customers, then you should consider Facebook for lead gen. It’s a huge, ready-made market, with an estimated 1.39 billion active monthly users, according to B2C. It is the behemoth social network.

With Facebook’s advertising platform, you’ve got access to an audience that shows actual interest in your offer. You can bring them to your site by crafting irresistible ads. Facebook ads can be one of the biggest assets to growing your company. But, if not set up correctly, these ads can also be more costly than their worth.

Pros of Facebook Advert

Below are some of the pros of advertising on Facebook;

  • Campaigns are easy to track
  • Immediate influx of traffic
  • Complete control over your daily budget and maximum Cost-per-click
  • Instant return on investment (You can easily define a cost per conversion and understand what your profit is)
  • More targeting options, including, towns, regions, age, likes/interests, income bracket, and other demographics
  • Easier to set up than Google AdWords
  • The ability to reach people early on in the buying process, before they are aware of their need while capturing those who are aware of the need in a subtle way
  • You can use images and videos to capture the interest of your target market, helping you to sell your products and services
  • CPC is relatively cheap, depending on your industry (On average, no more than $0.61 per click)

Cons of Facebook Advert

Below are the cons of the Facebook advert;

  • If set up and managed incorrectly, it can be costly, but less so than Google AdWords
  • Depending on your target market, the majority of the large potential audience can be irrelevant (For instance, we would not recommend Facebook Advertising if someone only served or supplied their products and services to one town)
  • There is no option to target your ads at certain times within the day or on certain days of the week unless you choose a lifetime budget
  • Most suitable for those operating in B2C markets
  • Reaching people too early in the buying cycle could potentially reduce your goal conversion rate

How to Advertise on the Facebook Platform

Follow this Facebook ads tutorial to set up and launch your first ads;

  • Setting up your Facebook Business Manager
  • Installing the Facebook pixel
  • Creating Facebook audiences
  • Creating a Facebook ads campaign
  • Setting up your first ad sets
  • Choosing your creative
  • Optimizing your Facebook campaigns

You can get the breakdown of the Facebook ads tutorial by clicking here.

The Facebook advertising platform is designed to be easy to use for those with little to no experience with digital marketing, making it even more attractive to bootstrapped entrepreneurs who don’t want to pay an agency to run their ads. You can get more details on how to advertise on Facebook here.


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