Best Money Transfer App for iPhone

Best Money Transfer App for iPhone. There is numerous app for iPhone money transfer, but am going to list out some fast and easy app for transferring money on iPhone. The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and sold by Apple inc. it uses Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

Best Money Transfer App for iPhone

Transferring money has become easy with the help of apps on your iPhone and iPad. It helps you easily to track your monthly expense and spend smarter, keeping your budget in mind.

It also gives you the opportunity for your personal financial advice and insights to give you a holistic view of your cash flow.

Keep in mind that your bank details are not to be shared with anyone, even the bank manager. The following is a list of the best money transfer app for iPhone:

Google Pay

The Google Pay app is an easy, safe, and helpful way to manage your money, make payments, and keep a clear picture of your spending and savings. With the app, you can discover new businesses to shop at and connect with your favorite ones.

The app also helps in checking your balance, it very saves because of the two pins you have to enter, one to open the app and the other to confirm a transaction.

Download app

Cash App

Cash App offers you a free virtual Visa debit card in a jiffy. The app is one of the fastest, safest, and free cash apps. It is one of the easiest ways to transfer money internationally.

On your iPhone, you can create a security wall by using your Face ID. Touch ID, or passcode. You will get a custom physical debit card for free. With a fast signup process which enables you for your first-time payment.

The app is very useful apart from money transfers. The app will assist you in depositing your paycheck, tax refunds, and many more work. With the cash app, you can pay a single account and routing number, you can also pay bills from the app.

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Western Union App

The western union app is used across worldwide. It is very easy to find locations of agents. In the app, before you send money to your friends or family living in a different country, you can check the exchange rates. You can quickly repeat transfers.

With your card or initiate money transfer you can locate a nearby agent to complete the payment in cash. This is a powerful money transfer app on iPhone.

Download here the price is free.


The TransferWise is an app that gives a free multi-currency account. With the app, you can convert it when the conversation rate is high. You can use the app to pay monthly utility bills even in another country.

The app is very famous among business owners and freelancers as it permits them to send and receive money in 27 currencies. It very cheaper in sending money abroad compare to some other app. On iPhone, this app is very fast and reliable.

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The mother of all apps that transfer money online can be consider as PayPal. It has been used by millions of people, even as well as business owners have used this app to send money to freelancers across the globe.

PayPal is one of the oldest international money transfer app. It is very easy to access and it can be gotten for free. The app keeps your financial information private and secure. It also helps to monitor your transaction round the clock.

Download for free Here.

Azimo Money Transfer App

Azimo has a smaller number of cash pickups than a Western Union. It offers instant or one-hour transfers in more than 80 countries. You can transfer money anywhere with this app.

The first two transfers are free, you can be a part of Azimo’s global presence in more than 200 countries.

You can download it here. Through the app, you can pay medical bills, and top-up phones anywhere in the world.

Meta Pay

Meta Pay is a very nice app with an excellent chart feature for communication. It very easy to request and transfer money. The operating system you need depends on the app and you already used. It very good for the iPhone system.

If you accidentally send money to an unintended recipient, you can ask them to decline the money if they haven’t yet added a debit card to their account.

You can learn more here.


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