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Are you a professional in the African-Cultural sector? Here’s an incredible opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss! Senghor University, the French Development Agency, and Trace Academia have jointly initiated the KreAfrika Training Project 2023.

Senghor University KreAfrika Training Seminar

This innovative endeavor is designed to empower both current and aspiring professionals within Africa’s Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI). To achieve this goal, the program consists of online training, networking opportunities, and on-site seminars, this will equip participants with essential skills, foster professional connections, and nurture project development.

So, do you think this is an opportunity to grab? If you so, kindly read through the entire article for more details about the training, including its requirements, benefits and how to apply for participation.

Details About KreAfrika Training Seminar 2023

KreAfrika is a project that unites public, private, and associative entities from the cultural sector. It provides a platform for professionals to exchange ideas and experiences, with the aim of elevating the practices and capabilities of Africa’s cultural industry. The project’s scope encompasses a diverse range of activities, including online training, networking events, and immersive on-site seminars.

The edition of the program has been scheduled to take place in Nairobi, Kenya from November 20th to 24th. We believe this is an exciting opportunity for cultural professionals like you to gain valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and financing within the cultural and creative sector.

KreAfrika Training Seminar 2023 – What to Expect

The KreAfrika Training is an intensive seminar that provides participants with comprehensive knowledge and insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship and financing in the cultural and creative industries. Attendees can anticipate engaging with topics such as:

  • Navigating the journey from ideation to successful business management
  • Cultural entrepreneurship in the context of Africa
  • Cultivating the mindset of a creative entrepreneur
  • Crafting innovative and effective business plans
  • Exploring diverse sources of investment for creative businesses

About Senghor University

Senghor University, also known as the French-speaking International University for African Development, is a private institution located in Alexandria. It was established in 1990, and has been playing a pivotal role in addressing development challenges across Africa.

Senghor University offers a wide range of master’s degree programs in fields such as health, environment, culture, administration, and education. The university follows the European Bologna system and has gained recognition for its commitment to fostering African talent.

Benefits of the KreAfrika Training Seminar

As a participant in the 2023 KreAfrika Training Seminar, you can look forward to a rich learning experience that includes:

  • Expert-led presentations on core concepts, available both online and on-site
  • Collaborative sessions where you and other participants collectively explore relevant themes
  • Discussions with industry experts, offering fresh perspectives and case studies
  • You will engage in practical exercises on real-life scenarios
  • An opportunity to visit local businesses and institutions aligned with seminar topics
  • In addition, the program covers your essential expenses, including training costs, accommodation in a nearby hotel, and meals.

Eligibility Requirements for KreAfrika Training Seminar

To be eligible to participate in the Senghor University KreAfrika Training Seminar, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • You currently hold citizenship and residency in an African country
  • You must have established or been running a creative business for a minimum of three years
  • You’re expected to demonstrate an active involvement in the creative sector for at least three years
  • You have an advanced level of English language skills, as the seminar will be conducted in English

Application Process

Here’s how you can apply to participate in the KreAfrika Training Seminar 2023. Meanwhile, before submitting your application, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria stated above.

Having checked the requirements and confirmed your eligibility, apply to the seminar by submitting the following documents through the Senghor University portal on

The required documents include:

  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae
  • A detailed presentation of your cultural enterprise or personal involvement in the creative sector
  • A portfolio showcasing your past achievements and relevant cultural products/services
  • Demonstrate your expectations for the seminar

More details about the program can be found at the Senghor University official page at

Please note that successful applicants will be notified via email using the address provided during the application process. Hence, it’s important that you provide accurate address details.

Application Deadline

November 17, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the seminar conducted only in English?

Yes, the seminar will be conducted in English. Applicants need to have an advanced level of English language proficiency.

What expenses are covered for participants?

The program covers the cost of training, accommodation in a nearby hotel, as well as meals including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

How do I apply for the seminar?

Interested and eligible candidates should submit the required documents through the Senghor University portal on before the application deadline.

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