Sega Warns Genesis Mini 2 Launch in US Might Be Disappointing

Sega Warns Genesis Mini 2 Launch in US Might Be Disappointing, which is kinda bad for the fans. Nostalgia can turn out to be a very strong emotion and, as it out, it is a profitable one, also. For the past few years, we have seen the revival of some old designs and products, from the resurrection of the turntable to the modern reinterpretation of the polaroid photo format.

Sega Warns Genesis Mini 2 Launch in US Might Be Disappointing

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Sega Warns Genesis Mini 2 Launch in US Might Be Disappointing

Also, we have seen this in the gaming industry, where the miniature version of old gaming consoles and even arcade cabinets have been launched with much success. It seems that there is no stop to this trend, and one more retro mini console would be making its way to the public very soon. Unfortunately, for those that are in the United States, getting their hands on Sega’s upcoming Genesis Mini 2 would prove to not be only difficult to acquire, but also quite costly.

Sega today is most recognized for its games, especially to a much younger generation of gamers. In the past during its prime, it rubs shoulders with the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony as one of the largest console manufacturers in the industry. The Sega Dreamcast might be recognized as one of its best-known and most-beloved hardware, but it was the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive in Japan that really gave the company an edge, even if it was panned by a lot of critics when compared to that of Nintendo’s SNES.

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Sega Announced its Next-Gen Console

Back in June, Sega decided to announce that they would be launching a follow-up to its successful Genesis Mini retro console in 2019. The next-gen model is expected to have a more compact design and feature more games, which includes an unreleased title that is yet to be revealed.

The highlight here is that the collection of classic titles is expected to include some from the Sega CD roster, which is a set that is yet to be made officially available elsewhere. The Sega Genesis Mini 2 is expected to launch in Japan and the U.S as it did before, but fans in the latter region might not be too happy with the conditions.

Limited Supply Simply Means Higher Cost for Some of the Fans

Sega has already stated that the number of Genesis Mini 2 consoles that would be available in North America and Europe would be one-tenth of the first Sega Genesis Mini. This means that the mini console would be made available in limited supply, but the disheartening news is that it does not stop there. According to Polygon, U.S. buyers would be able to order from Amazon but their consoles would be shipped from Japan.

This small detail has a significant impact not only on the availability but also on the price. The very first Sega Genesis Mini was launched for $80 directly in the United States, but the price for the Genesis Mini 2 in Japan places it to be around $104. Buyers would be required to pay for shipping, which adds another $21 on top, so all those that want to get the Genesis Mini 2 in the United States would be looking at a price tag of around $125.

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Semiconductor Shortage

There are several factors that led to the very limited supply of the console, the biggest one here is the semiconductor shortage that would hit tons of electronics products and their consumers. Slowly, the company is working to recover from that, but not fast enough for Sega to throw caution to the wind.

The company has chosen to prioritize its primary Japanese market instead and only allocate what it is considering to be a safe surplus to international markets. The Sega Genesis Mini 2 is expected to launch on October 27 and it would be marketed as the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 in Japan.

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