Top Mistakes You’re Making While Writing An Essay

Writing an essay is a difficult job because, at the end of the day, one has to finish. Whether it is a motivational college essay to impress the admission board, it is your final term, and you want to get good marks for your end term.

Top Mistakes You're Making While Writing An Essay

So, if you are reading your final work and are not impressed, and feel like something fundamental is missing, then you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the pioneer mistakes you are making while writing an essay that is obstructing its success.

Let us find out more about it!

Top Mistakes You’re Making While Writing An Essay

These are some of the common essay writing mistakes which you might still be making. However, after all this checking, if you still feel that there is something wrong with your essay, then maybe it is just an exhausted mind.

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But, if you are still adamant about understanding the different ways you can turn your essay into perfection, then keep reading to understand the flaws.

No Strong Motive

If you have too many arguments in your essay, the professor will be too confused. They wouldn’t know which argument is the main objective of the write-up and which is supporting it.

Therefore, we have said it once, and we will say it again. Whenever you are writing an essay, the motive should be clear. This will include your main subject and the argument you are trying to present and cover both sides of that argument.

Once your reader understands this, it doesn’t matter if you do not have huge words or terminology in your essay; it is much more readable.

No Proper Introduction & Conclusion

The introduction and conclusion are two of the most important parts of your essay. Even though these two sections shouldn’t be too long since there is not much information present, they should make an impact on the reader.

Starting your writing with a blast ensures your enthusiasm to write the essay, and a good conclusion proves that you are not in a hurry to finish the word limit and just get it done with.

Plus, a good introduction will attract the reader to read further. Similarly, a good conclusion will leave your professor with a satisfying read, something which will linger for a few times. Even if you make some rookie mistakes in the middle of the essay, a good conclusion is a great fixer for this.

Not Checking For Plagiarism

Not saying that your copy pastes the information in your article. However, at times it so happens that plagiarism can show up. Now, if it happens in front of your professor because they suddenly wish to check your work, then it can put a very bad impression on your efforts.

On the other hand, if you find plagiarism, you can check and correct them accordingly. This is why checking the essay is important, even when you are satisfied with your writing.

Not Following Instructions

There is one thing that can put a damper on your professor’s mood. No matter how good the essay is or how much effort you have put in.

Not following the instructions which the teacher specifically gave you!

No, do not get us wrong. We are not asking you to cut down on your creativity, as it is a big part of any essay writing. However, if your professor specifically asks you not to use any colored pens on the sheet or conduct it with unnecessary underlines and highlights, then seeing these on the paper already puts them in a foul mood.

Keep that creativity alive, but at the same time, be sure of the protocols if you do not wish to lose marks.

No Proper Editing

Right after all the hard work of writing the perfect essay, we all do feel a little exhausted. Therefore, we skip through editing. Generally, we have seen students peruse through the article once and then call it a day.

However, if you are really serious about getting those extra pointers, then you have to proofread your essay properly. Not that professors care too much about small mistakes (they all understand we are humans), but why give them any chance?

Now, there are two essays in front of them. Both are great in terms of qualitative writing, but one has a few silly mistakes, and the other is perfect. Which one do you think they will be more interested in and mark better?

That is exactly the point.

Check Your Essay Again!

When writing an essay, there are three crucial things you have to keep in mind.

Aim: What are you trying to deliver or voice with the write-up? After reading the essay once, the reader should have a clear, thorough idea of that.

Information: It is not just about the number of statistics you are adding to prove your point, but also the unique facts that you’re digging from overnight research, something which is worth reading in your essay. Something that makes it stand out.

Readability: You can have an entire thesis worth of wording put on that piece of paper, but that doesn’t really prove the readability. Readability is determined by how easily it can be read and comprehended. Like does it have subparts, bullets, and charts to support your work?

If you keep these points okay, you are good to go with your essay!

If your professor is reading your essay, and all these three pointers are freshly presented in front of them, they are impressed.

For a few last minutes’ notes, keep these in mind-

– Check that you are not using too much passive voice in the article.

– Check that you have written the statistics, and give appropriate proof to back them up.

– Do not forget to edit the spellings and punctuations since they are important.


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