Save $54 on this Eufy Smart Lock today

Save $54 on this Eufy Smart Lock today and get to control your doors from just about anywhere. The Eufy C210 smart lock as you should know lets you to unlock your doors simply by making use of a keypad, phone, and many more. And at the moment, the device is on sale for just $86.

Save $54 on Eufy Smart Lock

Save $54 on Eufy Smart Lock

Speakers and TVs are not the only devices that are getting “smart” these days. There are plenty of other home appliances that are at the moment equipped with Wi-Fi, and this is including door locks. And right about now, you can get one for your home on sale.

Amazon is offering $20 off this Eufy C210 smart lock already, but you can, however, get to save an extra $34 when you make use of CNET’s exclusive promo code CNETLOCK859 at checkout, which reportedly drops the price down to just $86. This very offer is only available now through May 14. So, you should be sure to get your order in before then if you wish to not miss out on these savings.

Specs, Features, and Benefits

With this very Eufy C210 smart lock, you will never have to worry about forgetting your keys ever again. The device allows you to lock and then unlock your door simply by making use of your keys, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, or even your Google Assistant, the included keypad, or from just about anywhere simply by using the companion app right on your phone.

The device as you should know connects directly to your network, so there is no hub or even a base station required here, and it lets you to create various user profiles so that you can easily decide who has access. You will also get real-time alerts directly on your phone so you can know when someone is coming or going at all times. Plus it is very easy to install in just a measly 15 minutes, with no drilling or wiring required to get anything done.

How Safe Is the Eufy Smart Lock

I have already said all there is to say about this device, but in case you need some more clarification, here is how safe the device is. Eufy smart lock simply stores your fingerprint or your passcode data locally rather than just in the cloud in order to keep your personal information both private and safe. Just to be extra sure, you should know that a bank-grade AES128 encryption chip helps to keep your fingerprint as well as your in-app data private.

How Many Fingerprints Can Eufy Smart Lock Hold

Eufy smart lock for those of you who don’t know, can store up to 50 fingerprints and 100 passcodes in total from multiple users, impressive right?



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