Save $50 on This Halo Wireless GPS Dog Collar with This Offer

Save $50 on this Halo Wireless GPS dog collar with this offer and never get to lose track of your friend again. It is true that losing a dog is never a good thing and time, but with this very Halo dog collar that makes use of GPS, you can easily keep your dog safe no matter where it is that it might have disappeared to.

Halo Wireless GPS Dog Collar Offer

Halo Wireless GPS Dog Collar Offer

If it is that you have a pet dog that you probably don’t want to even think about what might happen in the event that it goes missing. Unfortunately, that is one thing that happens to dogs around the globe each and every day and the job of finding them can really be difficult. That is why devices such as this Halo GPS dog collar are excellent, simply because they help reunite pet lovers at last with their dogs. And right about now, you can put one around the neck of your dog for only $649 today.

When Will The Deal Expire?

That price in question as you should know represents a solid $50 saving and all you have to do here is to make sure to enter the coupon code HALO-WEEN when you are checking out. That code as you should know is now live and functional at this moment, but it however will not hang around for long. Halo has revealed to us that the code will stop working on Oct. 31 at 11:59 p.m. CST. So, you should make sure to get your order in just before that happens if it is that you really want to take advantage of this deal.

Specs Ad Features Of the Halo Dog Collar

The latest Halo collar for those who are not familiar with it is the most accurate Halo yet all thanks to improved dog geofencing. That implies that you will enjoy real-time tracking of your pet while the AI-driven software of Halo makes use of machine learning to ensure more accurate tracking. The whole thing with this product is waterproof and it also charges via a magnetic charger that if once charged, it will reportedly run for a whole day just before it needs to be topped up.

You will however of course be able to see just exactly where your dog is making use of the Halo phone app, and you also can set up virtual fences so that you will always know just exactly what it is that they are up to.

Halo Subscription

Shoppers of the Halo collar can select from one of four colors and know that there are different sizes available to ensure that you can find the right fit for your pet dog. You will however need to set up a Halo subscription in order to make use of the features of the collar, with prices beginning from $5.99 per month for the basic plan. But the question here is this – can you really put a price on peace of mind?



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