Amazon’s Halo Fitness Wearable – How Amazon’s Halo Fitness Works

Soon, Amazon’s Halo Fitness Wearable would soon be capable of assessing how you move, with the new tracking feature for the controversial wearable. As launched last year, the Halo aims to bring AI and machine learning to bear on individual fitness, although there is concern around the data that is being shared on Amazon as a part of what led to a debut that was troubled.

Amazon’s Halo Fitness Wearable

Amazon’s Halo Fitness Wearable

Rather than logging exercise, the steps and other metrics just like the fitness wearables do, Halo is now offering to make individual body assessments. In other for this to be done, users were requested to take photos of themselves, while wearing tight underwear or clothes meant for a workout that would be uploaded to Amazon’s servers. Their machine learning would further figure out things like body fat percentage and other metrics.

The system was a clever one but unsurprisingly ran into some discomfort about uploading the images online – even though amazon offered to delete them after analysis had been made. Now, this new movement health feature for Halo once again wants to make use of the camera in your smartphone to share with the AI, only this time, Amazon is requesting a video too.

Movement health, Amazon stated that it is based on three factors: posture, stability, and mobility. It is our ability for you to undertake everyday motions – like carrying items, reaching for things place on high shelves, or running -along with our tendencies to slump while we remain sitting at a computer or lean one way while standing.

How Amazon’s Halo Fitness Works

A video Assessment was what halo answer started with, your smartphone recording you carrying out five movements that include the following:

  • single-leg balances
  • forward lunges
  • overhead squats
  • overhead reaches
  • feet-together squats

it then calculates the position of your body, and any issues with the three-movement categories, and boils all that down to a Movement score out with the three-movement categories, and boils all the way down to a Movement score out of 100. You would also receive a report on your performance in those categories, includes information on the four key areas of your body: the trunk, hips, lower body, and shoulders.

Right after that, Halo would further serve up “corrective exercise videos” aimed at trouble spots that you have. It might also include stretches, breathing exercises, balances; a set takes 5 – 10 minutes, as stated by Amazon. And it is also recommended that they complete at least three times a week. Repeat the assessments every 2-4 weeks track progress, and there’ll be more workout recommendations for an exercise-focused add-on if you are looking forward to adding calorific burn as well.


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