Save 33% with This Roku Ultra Streaming Box Today After Ditching the Ads of Fire TVs

Save 33% with this Roku Ultra streaming box today after ditching the ads of Fire TVs. For 33% off, the Roku Ultra streaming box is available, thus making it an excellent option and choice to replace your ad-ridden Fire TV device.

Roku Ultra Streaming Box

Roku Ultra Streaming Box

Following the news that Amazon is beginning to display full-screen ads when owners get to turn on their Fire TV devices, you just might be on the lookout to ditch it in favor of something different and new. The Roku Ultra streaming box as you should know is one option and right at this moment, it is available with a steep discount that makes it an excellent option to replace Amazon’s devices.

The Roku Ultra in question would normally retail for around $100 but if it is that you place your order now for only $67, you would get to a full third as well as a cool $33. You will not have to work for that very discount, either, with no on-screen coupons or any form of discount codes in sight. And ironically, the retailer that is making it cheaper to get rid of your Amazon Fire TV device is Amazon itself.

Specs and Features of the Roku Ultra Streaming Box

The Roku Ultra as you should know is at the top end of the lineup of Roku and it has all of the features that you are very much likely to need from such a streaming device. Those features in question are inclusive of support for 4K streaming, and not to mention HDR including Dolby Vision. There is also support for Dolby Atmos for those people with compatible audio systems as well.

Why This Deal Is a Must for You

That in question is not all, either. This Roku Ultra device comes with a rechargeable Roky Voice Remote Pro which does more than just allow you to control what you are watching. Simply by plugging in the included earbuds, you will be able to watch your favorite shows without having to disturb others, thus making the Roku Ultra the excellent solution for late-night bedroom TV viewing.

The remote on the other hand also includes quick-launch buttons for popular streaming services such as Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Prime Video, and even Paramount Plus. All of this and even more is yours for only $67, but the deal in question is very much unlikely to stick around for long. That said, be sure to factor that into your purchasing decision just before the price goes back up.



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