Save $165 with This Pair of Philips T8506 Earbuds Deal

Save $165 with this pair of Philips T8506 Earbuds deal. You only get to pay $35 for it while you get to save $165 in the process. You can now get your hands on a pair of everyday headphones that offer active noise cancellation features at a huge 83% discount rate.

Save $165 with This Pair of Philips T8506 Earbuds Deal

Save $165 with This Pair of Philips T8506 Earbuds Deal

Whether it is that you enjoy music, podcasts or just staying connected while you are on the go, investing in a pair of everyday earbuds is an excellent idea for many people. And while you can certainly score some really cheap earbuds on the market right now, you will at most times find that earbuds boasting more premium features such as active noise canceling can drive that price way up.

And if you are shopping for a pair of true wireless earbuds with ANC at really a decent price, the Philips T8506 earbuds are worth considering right now. Woot has new pairs that are available at a whopping 83% off, thus dropping the price from $200 to just $35 now all through April 1, while supplies last, of course.

Specs and Features

The T8506 earbuds as you should know sports multiple microphones and offer noise cancellation features, as well as wind reduction when you’re making voice calls and also an awareness mode for when you need to be sharp and conscious of your surroundings. They offer up to nine hours of battery life per single charge and up to 27 additional hours with the recharging case on. You can also utilize these earbuds in mono mode, which simply means that you can continue to use one while the other one is charging.

Other Valuable Features Worth Noting

Another valuable feature worth noting that the T8506 earbuds offer is a multipoint Bluetooth connection, which lets users easily connect to more than one device at a single time. That helps to simplify the whole process of getting to switch from your laptop to your phone when you get a call, for example. They are also water-resistant, too, with an IPX4 rating, so you can wear them while you work out without having to worry. And your acquisition is covered by a one-year Philips warranty, just in case. And at just $35, this deal is very hard to beat.



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