How to Shop Effortlessly for Christmas with the 7 Gift Rule

How to Shop Effortlessly for Christmas with the 7 Gift Rule!

Hurray! It’s the Christmas season again, the best time for the exchange of gifts, vacations, and visitations. It is the best time to stock your house with all the required items.

How to Shop Effortlessly for Christmas with the 7-Gift Rule
How to Shop Effortlessly for Christmas with the 7-Gift Rule

You will need the necessary knowledge of the 7-Gift Rule to shop successfully without letting anyone out on your gift list.

The 7 Gift Rule

It is worth noting that the 7 gift rule is often targeted at children but it pretty much works for everyone. Therefore, you can use this rule to get a gift for every single person on your list.

What is the 7-gift rule? It is a concept of buying only a specific number of gifts for each individual with each gift falling into a specific category. This means that at the end of your shopping, you will have 7 gifts to give.

There is no compulsory number for this rule. Yours could be four, five, or six. This rule is particularly useful when you doing last-minute Christmas Shopping.

Who is the 7 Gift Rule For?

As stated earlier, this gift is useful for every single person. It can be used by anybody and it is one of the most useful Christmas shopping tips.

The 7 gift rule is a very good way to stick to your shopping budget without overspending. If you follow this rule appropriately, you will leave the gift receivers overly satisfied.

A Breakdown of the 7 Gift Rule

if you are the type of person that has the compulsion to just buy everything for everyone during Christmas shopping, let this rule be your guide.

The seven-gift rule is broken down into the following;

Something They Want

This is the most straightforward category to start with when you are making a Christmas list. Don’t have an idea of what they would want? Just know what they like, their hobbies. These should give you a very good idea of what their wants are.

You just of be very creative about this. Research products related to their hobbies or interests and find out if they already have these items.

Something They Need

Now, you have to have an idea of what they need at the moment. Needs are more pressing desires than wants. You may be surprised that their most pressing needs may not be very expensive. Let one item from this category be included in your shopping list.

Examples of these needs could be;

  • Sports supplies
  • Gadgets
  • Arts and Crafts

Something to Wear

No one can go wrong with a clothing item. This type of gift seems to have an endless demand from lots of people. There is always extra space for new clothing in your wardrobe. Therefore, let this be included in your shopping list.

Something to Read

This is one type of gift that is always neglected during Christmas shopping. We fail to recognize that intellectual gifts are equally as important when we are shopping for Christmas. It doesn’t have to be a boring hard copy, you can also consider getting a subscription to an eBook, or magazine subscription.

Something to Do

Not all gifts must be tangible. A very entertaining and worthwhile experience could be the best gift for your loved one. You should include an outdoor experience or adventure for your loved one in your budget. You also have to be very careful about what they like such as movies and concerts.

Something For “Me”

I see this as the major gift while every other one falls on the side. This category covers special gifts. That gift is to be remembered for ages.  At this point, you will have to think and be very creative. Good examples of these gifts include a photo frame, personalized jewellery, scrapbook, etc.

Something For Family

To complete this list, you have to get something for the family. This part of your list portrays the importance or essence of Christmas. You can get something to give each member of the family or the entire family as a group to enjoy. It could be a board game for the full family or a short holiday gift.

Shopping Mistakes Not to Make this December

There are lots of reasons why we do not get the best during Christmas shopping. Sometimes we exhaust our budget before time. Here are some mistakes that lead to these negative results;

  • Not having a budget. This is one of the major killers of your holiday shopping a good experience.
  • Overusing your credit
  • Making purchases to impress. This is why the seven-gift rule is very important
  • Not comparing prices
  • Forgetting a particular person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Stop Overspending During the Holidays?

One of the best tips for Christmas shopping anyone can use is budget creation. Always have a budget for every shopping. Have the names of the people you want to buy gifts for in your budget and write down what their gifts will cost.

What are the Unspoken Gift Rules of Christmas?

Some of the unspoken gifting rules of Christmas are;

  • Give from your heart
  • Money and gift cards count as good gifts
  • Do not expect a gift in return
  • Give group gifts
  • Personalized gifts are advisable
  • Do not overspend
  • Wrap your gifts or use a gift bag
  • Include a receipt for each gift
  • Avoid giving presents in front of other people
  • Learn to say thank you.

How can I Save Money on Holiday Shopping?

The best way to save money for holiday shopping is to plan ahead. Consider getting some of the gifts before the holiday period. Take advantage of discount sales during Black Friday or Cyber Monday



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