Part-time Jobs for Retirees

Are you close to your retirement and you are trying to make plans for the best part-time jobs you can get for retirees but you are yet to find one? Well, if that is the case, you are on the right platform then.

Part-time Jobs for Retirees
Part-time Jobs for Retirees

This content will be giving a list and breakdown of the best part-time jobs for retirees you can pick from.

Part-time Jobs for Retirees

Most people after retirement, sit at home and just feed on their retirement allowance. Well, this is not too good, this is because, over time, many have been affected negatively due to lack of funds. However, if you are having a job that pays you well, you will be able to save up your retirement allowance for better investment while your pay sustains you. Below are listed part-time jobs you will love to apply for as a retiree:


You can make more from what you love doing. Probably what you call hubby. There is a big market for handmade items such as soap, knitted stuff, macrame, candles and other personal crafts and artisan goods. However, if you have a hobby for making things and products with your hands, you can simply turn it into a small business on the side. You should know that people enjoy or like purchasing items that are handmade. Hence, you can take advantage of this and make good money for yourself.


You can take advantage of the internet and start operating a blog. You can upload content or article and make ads for companies and get good money for yourself. The amazing part of this is that you can do this within the comfort of your home.


If you love to garden, there are many ways that you can turn the green things you grow into a good source of income and getting revenue. You can decide to grow herbs and sell lavender pillows or you can consider drying the herbs and selling them in packets. This is a less stressful job for retirees and is highly recommendable.

Shop Assistant

Well, if you love to spend time in a retail environment, restaurants, or cafes, then working as a shop assistant is just the best job for you. You can take advantage of the fact that retailers need some extra help every year during the upcoming weeks leading to the holidays/ Christmas season. With a job like this, you will be accessible to a lot of people and individuals as time goes by.

Freelance Writer

Well, if you love writing or you are very knowledgeable in that area, then undertaking freelance writing will not be a bad idea. You can work as a freelance writer and write for people and get paid for your services. However, you can do this job with just a PC or computer system. You can set up an Upwork account and inform people of the services you render. However, you can do this from the comfort of your home.

Massage Therapist

 It is no news that the need for massage therapy is in high demand. Hence, as the population grows and increasing engagement of people every day the need for a massage person grows also. This is just the perfect job for you to engage in. You can help people relieve aches, pains and also stresses in the body. With this, you can make good pay for yourself and with it, you can be able to maintain your health status.

Makeup Artist

Are you someone that loves looking good and has always been adding makeup all your life? If that s the case, it’s time you start making money from it. You can offer a service making people up for occasions and other events. As a passionate makeup person, people will love your service more than those who are just in the jo for raising funds.

Take a Drive

Probably you bought a car over the time you spent working as a monthly or years worker. This is the best to use that car to get revenue for yourself You can use your personal car for providing a taxi service and get paid for your services. This and many more are jobs you can consider as a retiree.

Is it Mandatory to Work After Retirement?

No! It is not mandatory to work after retirement but it is important. You live longer when you are busy and engage in something productive. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to save more and make other investments.

Can a 70-year-Old Woman Get a Job?

Being a senior or a retiree does not mean you can not have a job again. There are plenty of great opportunities out there. If you only want to work part-time and choose your own hours, being a greeter photographer, security guard, retail worker, or home care provider is a great option for you as a retiree.



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