Samsung Set To Host Unpacked Event on August 10

Samsung set to host unpacked event on August 10 for its Z flip 4, Z fold 4, and others. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z fold 4 are also rumored to be among the lineup of devices to be on their way.

Samsung Set To Host Unpacked Event on August 10

Samsung Set To Host Unpacked Event on August 10

The next galaxy unpacked event of Samsung could be well underway, sooner than expected, a month away. And this is according to a promotional image leaked by famous tipster Evan Bass on Monday.  In the image, the date august 10 2022 is seen to be shown over what seems to be a blurred-out silhouette of the rumored Samsung galaxy Z flip 4.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Set to Get Significant Upgrades

Galaxy Z flip 4 which is the successor of the galaxy Z flip 3 is very much expected by enthusiasts to launch alongside the rumored Galaxy Z fold 4. Both of the foldable phones have been making the rounds on the internet via various rumors to get a huge boost in design upgrades. And some of these upgrades include a large cover screen for the clamshell Galaxy Z flip 4 and also a new hinge with a slimmer and thinner build for the galaxy Z fold 4 that is the size of a tablet.

Other Products to Be Unveiled At the Event

And besides the foldable smartphones, is there anything Samsung will be launching on that day? Samsung may be pushed to launch the galaxy watch 5 at this very event. The smartwatch however has been rumored to feature a temperature sensor and also a longer and better battery life if compared to its predecessor.

What Samsung Has To Say About the Rumored Unpacked Galaxy Event

What does Samsung have to say about the rumored unpacked galaxy event? Well, as for now, the tech company Samsung has not yet responded to a comment on the rumored event. With that being said, we should all keep our fingers crossed and be expectant of any surprise as to whether the event will take place or not.


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