SAKFC Survey Reward – Rules for Participating in SAKFC Survey

If you are a regular customer of KFC in South Africa then you should take advantage of the SAKFC survey. This survey is an online questionnaire designed to rate customer satisfaction. South KFC is a large food chain serving lots of customers.

SAKFC Survey
SAKFC Survey

This company wants to know what customers feel about its products and services. They also want to know how satisfied you are with their store environment.

SAKFC Survey

By participating in this survey, you’ll give the company the information that they need. And with all the feedback gotten from customers, South Africa KFC will be able to know the areas of their brand that needs improvement. So that whenever you visit their outlets, you’ll have a better experience. Read through this article to get more information about this survey and how you can take part in it.

SAKFC Survey Reward

Participating in this survey is a way to get an amazing price from the company. When you complete the survey, you’d be given a coupon code. You are to write down this code on your receipt and take the receipt along with you on your next visit to a KFC outlet. With this code, you’ll be able to redeem the reward printed on your receipt for free.

Completing this survey also gives you the chance to enter the sweepstakes, though this is optional. However, by entering your details for the sweepstakes, you stand the chance to win one out of three R5000 monthly cash prizes.

Rules for Participating in SAKFC Survey

This survey has some rules that all participants are expected to follow. Moreover, these rules determine if you’ll be eligible or not to take the survey. So, if you want to participate in this customer survey, you should go through them

  • All participants should be legal residents of South Africa.
  • You should only take the survey if you are 18 years of age or older.
  • Participants are only allowed to take the survey once per receipt.
  • The survey prize should be accepted as offered and cannot be transferred.
  • Employees of South Africa KFC and their immediate family members are not to take the survey.

Stated above are the rules for participating in the survey.

SAKFC Survey Requirements

This survey is conducted online so it will be very convenient for you. It can be carried out within a few minutes if you have all the requirements. These requirements include

  • You should have a basic knowledge of English.
  • Also, you should have access to a laptop, computer, or mobile phone.
  • Have a recent receipt from any South African KFC outlet containing an invitation for the survey.
  • A good internet connection.
  • A valid email address and contact info are also required.

These are the requirements to take part in the KFC guest experience survey.

How to Take SAKFC Survey

If you meet the eligibility for this survey, then follow the steps below to take part in it

  • On a device connected to the internet, visit the website at
  • To begin, enter the code printed on your survey invitation in the box provided.
  • Then click on the “Continue” button on the page to proceed.

You’d be asked a series of questions about your experience on your last visit to any KFC outlet. Also, you’d be asked to rate their customer service. Do well to give honest feedback to the company.

About South Africa KFC

KFC is one of the largest fast-food restaurants in South Africa. The first KFC in South Africa was founded in 1971 in Orange Grove, Johannesburg. However, it has spread and has over 900 locations in South Africa.

They sell fried chicken hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, wraps, French fries, soft drinks, salads, desserts, breakfast, and other dishes unique to the South African menu.

South Africa KFC Customer Service

If you face difficulties taking the survey, or you need more clarification about it, then you should reach out to SAKFC customer service. Visit the website at

On this page, you’ll find a contact. Use the number to reach out to SAKFC customer service. Moreover, you can also email them using the email or fill out the form on the page to reach out to customer service.


How Do I Complete SAKFC Survey?

To participate in this guest experience survey, visit the website at Then enter the code on your survey invitation. Thereafter, follow the other on-screen instruction to complete the survey.

How Many Entries Are Allowed?

You are only allowed to use the survey code printed on your receipt once for the survey. Moreover, more than one entry is not allowed to take the survey for a single receipt.

How Do I Redeem the My KFC Validation Code?

To redeem your KFC validation code, write the code down on your receipt first. Then on your next visit to a South African KFC outlet, take the receipt along with you and show it to the staff at the restaurant.

What Do I Get for Completing the KFC Survey?

When you complete this survey, you’ll be a coupon code that you can use to redeem your survey reward at any of their restaurant outlets. However, by entering the Sweepstakes, you stand the chance to be one of the lucky winners of the R5000 cash prize.

How Do I Find a South African KFC Outlet Near Me?

To find a South African KFC close to your location, launch the website at Then enter your “Address” on the appropriate bar to search for nearby restaurants.



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