Rome Business School Nigeria

Rome Business School Nigeria stands as a beacon of quality business education, redefining the educational landscape in Nigeria. Born out of the renowned Rome Business School in Italy, this institution brings world-class business education to Nigeria’s aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs.

Rome Business School

It caters to a different student body while maintaining a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, creating a vibrant learning environment. Rome Business School Nigeria’s programs are created to empower people and businesses, giving students the global perspective they need to succeed in the fast-paced business world of today.

About Rome Business School Nigeria

Rome Business School Nigeria was established as a branch of the renowned Rome Business School in Italy. The Rome Business School, known for providing top-notch business education, expanded its presence in Nigeria in response to the rising demand for top-notch management and entrepreneurial programs in the nation. Nigeria is not just the most populous country in Africa, but it also has one of the fastest-growing economies there, so this expansion was a calculated decision.

The institution commenced operations in Nigeria with the mission to provide accessible, innovative, and practical business education to professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. Rome Business School Nigeria has developed a solid reputation for providing outstanding business education over the years, making it a top choice for people looking to improve their job prospects and entrepreneurial abilities.


Rome Business School Nigeria is situated in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria’s economic hub. Their campus is conveniently located, providing easy access to the city’s business and cultural centers. This prime location fosters a dynamic and enriching learning environment for students, connecting them with the pulse of Nigeria’s vibrant business landscape.

Programs Offered

In order to meet the unique demands of students and professionals at different phases of their careers, Rome Business School Nigeria offers a wide choice of programs. These programs comprise:

Doctorate Programs

The Doctor of Business Administration program offered by Rome Business School in Nigeria is the perfect option for professionals seeking top-notch courses to kickstart a prosperous career in a global setting. Their doctoral degree program, specifically focused on strategic management, offers a comprehensive curriculum in business strategy and corporate management that is recognized on a global scale for its excellence.

Master’s Programs

Rome Business School Nigeria’s Master’s Program offers a wide variety of master’s degree programs in fields like business administration, marketing, finance, and human resources management. These postgraduate programs are carefully developed to meet the changing needs of today’s competitive business environment, providing students with in-depth knowledge and useful skills.

Mba Programs

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs at Rome Business School Nigeria represent the pinnacle of advanced education, custom-tailored for seasoned professionals and ambitious entrepreneurs. These extensive educational programs explore every aspect of contemporary business management and leadership, ensuring that graduates have an in-depth understanding of the workings of international industries.

Executive Education

Rome Business School Nigeria’s extensive selection of executive education programs and short courses serves as an example of its dedication to professional development. These programs are designed for working people who want to strengthen their competencies in particular fields and offer flexible scheduling options to fit their rigorous job obligations.


Rome Business School Nigeria has fostered dynamic partnerships with esteemed organizations, such as the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN), the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), the University of Valladolid, Obasanjo Farm, Bells University of Technology, HRCI (International Human Resources Certification), and the Logistic Institute, Canada.

These collaborations enrich the educational experience by bringing together academia and industry expertise, empowering students with real-world insights and a global perspective that is unparalleled in the business education landscape.

Admission to Rome Business School, Nigeria

The Admissions Office of the Executive Master’s Program at Rome Business School Nigeria accepts applications throughout the year for both the March and October intake sessions. Successful applicants come from a wide array of backgrounds and cultures, bringing with them diverse international perspectives and experiences.

The admission procedure is crafted to recognize exceptional candidates, emphasizing their academic, professional, and personal accomplishments. Applications are assessed not only on academic achievements but also on candidates’ drive and determination. You can read more about the school’s admission process here:


Partially funded scholarships are available from Rome Business School Nigeria to the very best candidates who exhibit exceptional academic, professional, and/or motivational excellence. Rome Business School Nigeria is a private research institute rather than a public university, so they do not receive the financing that makes it possible to offer full scholarships, even to the most deserving applicants.

Rome Business School Nigeria does not offer full scholarships, although there are partial scholarships that can reduce the total tuition by anywhere between 5% and 20%. The scholarship applications for Rome Business School Nigeria students are currently open, and so far, scholarships worth over five hundred million Naira (N500,000,000) will be awarded during the academic year 2023.

Official Website

The Rome Business School Nigeria’s official website,, is a dynamic hub for aspiring students. It offers in-depth program information, faculty profiles, and application details, ensuring a seamless exploration of educational opportunities.

Engaging multimedia content, including videos and testimonials, highlights the school’s impact and community. The website serves as a valuable resource for insights, trends, and upcoming events, catering to prospective students and business enthusiasts. It represents the institution’s dedication to excellence and innovation in business education.

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