ReveUp Programme for Mentoring Women in Digital Communications

The ReveUp Programme for Mentoring Women in digital communications is a non-profit organization dedicated to preparing, upskilling, and integrating communications students into employment.

ReveUp Programme for Mentoring Women in Digital Communications
ReveUp Programme for Mentoring Women in Digital Communications

The six-month-long, Paris-based programme is conducted in both English and French. This programme creates connections between industry professionals and students to facilitate their entry into and advancement in the field of communication.

ReveUp Programme for Mentoring Women in Digital Communications: Mission

  • Facilitate students’ transition into the workforce by grounding their education in real-world scenarios they will encounter in the industry.
  • Connect students with industry experts who can facilitate their entry-level development in the communications field.
  • Motivate and inspire tomorrow’s communications professionals.

Regarding the Programme

There are two phases to the programme: the exploration phase and the launch phase.


  • Meet your prospective mentor during our introductory pairing event. You will meet with your mentor at least four times within six months.
  • Participate in four interactive panel discussions with communications executives and professionals to increase your understanding of the various communications disciplines.
  • Undertake learning expeditions to one corporate office and one agency to better understand their respective work environments, styles, and functions.

Phase 2: LIFT-OFF

  • Maximize your professional profile for the modern workforce by attending two “glow-up” seminars for your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • Celebrate a successful programme at our end-of-year job-dating event, which will introduce you to prospective employers for your next or first job.



  • A community of like-minded and ambitious young professionals
  • Valuable insight from seasoned industry professionals (CAC40 companies and agencies)
  • A greater understanding of the various career fields in communications
  • Clarity on what career field they wish to pursue
  • Access to a closed online community of other mentees and mentors
  • Potential job opportunities in their desired field


  • Share your experience to help another woman realize her professional potential.
  • Contribute to the advancement of gender-balanced leadership in the digital communication field.
  • Access to a closed online community of other mentors and mentees
  • Cross-generational collaboration
  • Building long-lasting relationships and expanding your network
  • Gaining industry-specific insight



  • Open to women in their fourth or fifth year of communication studies (M1 OR M2) or recent graduates in September 2023.
  • Interested in digital communications or digital marketing
  • Proficiency in English
  • Willingness to devote 20 hours of time over the course of six months


  • A woman employed in the communication industry
  • Willing to save you at least eight hours of time over the course of six months


  • The early-bird application period has ended.
  • If chosen, the programme will continue from October 2023 to March 2024.
  • The second round of registration is due on August 1, 2023.

How to Apply


What is the mentoring programme intended for?

Those primarily involved in the communication sector

Is everyone in the sphere of communication qualified?

Women in the communications industry qualify.

Is the programme restricted to those who seek mentoring?

It is neither for the protégé nor the mentor. Both may apply, and appropriate pairings will be made.

What is the length of the programme?

The duration of the programme is six months. October 2023 through March 2024



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