Qualcomm Reportedly Updating Its Snapdragon Branding Policy

The company QUALCOMM is reportedly updating its snapdragon branding policy in a bid to try and simplify its chip names. Users and fans all over the world of the chip company can now say farewell to the famous triple-digit snapdragon chip branding.

Qualcomm Reportedly Updating Its Snapdragon Branding Policy

Qualcomm Reportedly Updating Its Snapdragon Branding Policy

Recently the QUALCOMM Company announced that it is now making some major changes on how the company brands its Snapdragon chips and this includes a move away from the famous three-digit numbering system it has got in place for so many years now in differentiating its products.

The recent news is coming in the wake of the expected next-gen flagship chip debut that is scheduled to take place at the snapdragon tech summit on the 30th of November. To kick off the start to the key changes coming in the way of the company, snapdragon firstly will now exist as a standalone brand. This means that it will be separate and different from the QUALCOMM brand.

How Long Has the Change Been On the Making?

The company already has started making the move since the beginning of the year and you can take the snapdragon 888 plus badge for example as it notably lacked the word “Qualcomm.” And the news coming in today from the company solidifies the plan.

Be that as it may, the greatest change maybe how the organization handles naming its semiconductor items. Qualcomm has named its chips with three-digit names for a really long time, similar to the Snapdragon 480, Snapdragon 765, or Snapdragon 888.

The main number extensively educated clients on how incredible the chip was (with the 8-series chips filling in as leaders, while 4-series models were for section-level items). The subsequent number ordinarily demonstrated yearly generational deliveries (going from a Snapdragon 865 to a 875), while changes in the third number for the most part showed more minor updates (like the Snapdragon 765G to the Snapdragon 768G).

The Main Reason for the Name Change

The issue, however, is that as well as being marginally jargony and confounding to monitor, Qualcomm is additionally basically running out of numbers in its naming plan. The 8-series setup hit Snapdragon 888 last year, the 7-series is now at Snapdragon 780, and the 6-series is now on the edge with the Snapdragon 695.

And while moving forward with its plan and to the future, the company has said that it will be shifting to “a single-digit series and generation number, aligning with other product categories,” proceeding with the announcement of its next 8-series flagship which of course is expected to have been called the snapdragon 898 based on the company’s old pattern of naming chips.

The company however already uses a generational naming scheme for its Snapdragon processors on PC like the snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 or the snapdragon 7c Gen 2 too. With that being said the change is not just coming out of the blue.

What Qualcomm Has To Say About the New Branding?

Shockingly, Qualcomm isn’t really expressing what that new branding plan will be, albeit that declaration is relied upon to come at the Snapdragon Tech Summit one week from now. All things being equal, the organization has distributed a dubious promotion reel that includes the number eight a great deal to coax out the new, highly confidential naming plan.

Notwithstanding the at this point concealed naming plan, Qualcomm additionally declared a couple of different insights concerning its Snapdragon branding plan. Going ahead, the organization intends to stress the utilization of gold to show top-level leader items. It will stop expressly getting down on 5G on chips, taking note of that “5G has become pervasive” across its item arrangement and will be “guaranteed.”


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