President Biden $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan – The United States Infrastructure Plan

President Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan will be unveiled today as the administration shifts focus to bolstering the post-pandemic economy.

President Biden $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

“This plan will outline the $2 trillion spendings over eight years. And would raise the corporate tax rate to 28% to fund it” an administration official said.

If you want to know more about US President Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan, then here is some information about this plan.

President Biden $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

According to The White House, a tax hike combined with measures designed to stop the offshoring of profits would fund the plan in 15 years.

The plan proposal would:

  • Give $621 billion into transportation infrastructures like bridges, roads, transportation, ports, airports, and electric vehicle development.
  • Send $400 billion for elderly and disabled Americans care.
  • Offer over $300 billion to the improvement of drinking water infrastructure. And expanding broadband access and upgrading electrical grids.
  • Then invest $580 billion in American manufacturing, research and development, and job training.

The United States President will begin his second major initiative after passing $1.9 trillion pandemic relief plan this month.

His administration is targeted at approving the first proposal to create jobs, revamps U.S infrastructure, and fight climate. Before turning towards the second plan to work on education and expand paid leave and healthcare coverage.

Aims of this plan

According to an administration official, “the White House aims at showing that it can revitalize our national and put millions of citizens to work”.

White House plans to fund spending raising the corporate tax rate to 28%. And Republicans have slashed the levy to 21% from 35% as part of the 2017 tax law.

Biden administration also aims at boosting the global minimum tax for multinational corporations and ensure they pay at least 21%. Also, aims at discouraging companies from listing tax havens as their address and writing off expenses related to offshore among other reforms.

The United State Infrastructure Plan

President Biden hopes this plan will create jobs and rescue failed American companies emerging from the pandemic. He also aims to fight climatic change and begin the transition to cleaner energy sources.

Biden was set to announce his plan at Pittsburgh. As Democrats carefully control both chambers of Congress, the party faces issues in passing the infrastructure plan.

GOP supports efforts to rebuild roads, bridges, airports, and expand broadband access. But the Republicans oppose the tax hikes as part of the plan.

President Biden has said he hopes in winning the Republican support for the infrastructure bill. If the Democrats can’t get to 10GOP senators on boards, they will need to try to pass the bill through budget reconciliation.

And this will not require any Republicans to support the plan in a chamber split 50-50 by party. Also, they would have to consider whether to package the physical plan with other recovery policies and expand paid leave.

Republicans would not back more spending to boost the social safety boundaries, especially if Democrats move to tackle taxes on the wealthy to fund programs.

The party has passed its $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief package without a Republican vote.

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