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Google Meet free Unlimited has been extended by Google through June. This is really great for a lot of people who are currently making use of it. Google Meet, the company’s group video chat alternative to a platform like Zoom has decided to continue offering unlimited for free until the end of June. This was introduced last year for all standard Gmail users that found themselves suddenly having to work and socialize remotely.

Google Meet Free Unlimited Extended

Google Meet Extended Unlimited Plan

For all those that are New to Google Meet, it is a video conferencing platform that enables its users to engage in one-on-one video chats, and group chats as well with a large number of people. Although the platform already had a free option for its users, it was limited in a way that did not work well for those who were working or studying from their homes.

For you to receive 24-hour group video chats, you have signed up for Google Workspace Essentials at $8/month. Google Waived the requirement as of last year, however, they have planned to end the unlimited use for standard Gmail users as of late last year.

The Company proponed the deadline, and now it bumped it again, this time through June 2021. There happen to be a good reason for Google to proceed with offering free use of the course, and not just its users – a lot of people would likely still be working and studying at home rolling into June, and removing the unlimited access may chase them to other services.

Once things are taken back to the way they used to be, standard free users would be limited to One-hour group meeting calls, though one-on-one calls would be made available for 24-hours at a time. The number of meetings is limited across all price tiers, which includes some free tiers.

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