Pokémon Stadium Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

Pokémon Stadium is coming to Nintendo Switch online in the coming week, but there’s however a catch. The battle-focused N64 Pokémon game also will be available to NSO subscribers on the 12th of April, although you cannot bring your own caught Pokémon with you.

Pokémon Stadium Nintendo Switch Online

Pokémon Stadium Nintendo Switch Online

Pokémon Stadium is set to join the growing roster of Nintendo’s Nintendo 64 classics that you can play through Nintendo Switch Online beginning on April 12th. The game which was first released in 2000 is a battle-focused Pokémon game that features the original 151 pocket monsters.

The Catch with the Game Being on Nintendo Switch Online

One thing you should know is that this very version of Stadium has a very big catch and it is that you cannot transfer any of your personal Pokémon to the game. One of the great appeals of the game while growing up was that you can bring your own well-trained Pokémon Red with the N64 Transfer Pak so that they could brawl it out in glorious N64 era 3D.

Without this very transfer feature, it all seems that you will have to rely on the rental teams of the game instead which as you should guess will not be as satisfying as getting to coach your very own beloved Butterfree to victory.

The Announcement Was Made In September’s 2022 Direct Event

The gaming company Nintendo initially announced that Stadium was headed to Nintendo Switch Online in its September 2022 Direct event, where it also stated that games such as Pokémon Stadium 2, 10800 Snowboarding, and Excitebike 64 were all making their way to the service. And in order to play N64 games, you will need to be a subscriber to the more expensive expansion plan of Nintendo, but at least, it finally now includes GoldenEye 007.



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