Google Will Give You Free Stadia Hardware If You Buy a Game

Google will give you free stadia hardware if you buy a game. Google now offers another free stadia hardware bundle to gamers.

Google Will Give You Free Stadia Hardware If You Buy a Game

Google Will Give You Free Stadia Hardware If You Buy a Game

Reports show that this is not the first time Google will be giving out free stadia hardware. Last year November, Google started gifting stadia premiere edition kits to premium subscribers on YouTube. If you are one of the users that purchased cyberpunk 2077 on stadia during its launch last November, Google gave out stadia premiere edition kits. Also recently, Google gave away the same hardware bundle with the purchase of resident evil village.

With the current situation surrounding stadia, Google still insists on its commitment to it although it is kind of obvious that the service will not be surviving for long. Early this year, Google decided not to be a game company anymore and that it doesn’t want to build its own games. The announcement led to the departure of high-profile names all through 2021 and this is including Google’s director of gams who left for a position in Google’s cloud team last month.

The company now refers to stadia as a technology platform for industry partners. This simply means that the service eventually could transform into a white-label cloud gaming service. Although, struggling, the service has seen some major improvements this year as Google recently slashed its revenue share for developers on the platform. The company also added a direct touchscreen control option and launched stadia for the Chromecast with Google TV included.

How Long Will This Offer Last

This offer by Google is expected to last for quite some time. This free offer will run until 11.59 PM PT on October 10th. The codes however will be distributed on the 20th of October.

How Do You Get Stadia For Free

When you purchase a regular stadia game, Google will give you a free stadia premiere edition kit. The hardware bundle includes a stadia controller and a Chromecast ultra. And to get this or qualify for this offer you will need to buy or purchase a full-price game at the price of $59.99 or above.

Can You Play Stadia without Hardware

When it comes to playing or streaming stadia games on your PC, you really do not need any special software or hardware. All you need is a web browser, that’s all. You will be greeted with a big launch button for the game you last played.


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