Podcast Advertising: 5 Tips for Effective Campaigns

What is podcast advertising all about? Podcast advertising is a type of programmatic audio. A relatively new advertising format, programmatic audio places ads within audio content such as podcasts, music streaming apps, and online radio.

Marketers can target these placements through Private Marketplace deals or Open Marketplace to place their ads in audio content from TargetSpot, Podcast One, CBS Radio, Acast, Stitcher, iHeartMedia HowStuffWorks, CBS, Blogtalkradio, and more.

Programmatic audio is a unique format that creates a personal relationship with the listener. Due to the nature of the podcast listening experience, the ads, which are designed to blend with the content seamlessly, are more welcome and effective.

Podcast Advertising

Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising quite literally allows marketers to speak to their customers in a one-to-one setting. Marketers are reaching a highly engaged audience in screenless environments, such as in the car or cooking at home.

As a marketer, you can layer on additional targeting tactics like demographics and location to refine the audience you are reaching. Your strategy can allow for customized stories/ads to each user based on their interests, offering personalized tailoring at scale.

We listen to them in our cars, at home, during our workouts, and even in the shower. Podcasts have grown in adoption in the last few years as consumers adopt this format in their daily routines. Shows like My Favorite Murder, Lore, and This American Life have accumulated over 50,000 reviews on Apple Podcasts.  Get more details here.

5 Tips for Effective Campaigns

Advertising on podcasts may be a great way to acquire customers, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to create an effective campaign. To get the most out of your marketing budget, consider these tips:

Midway is the best way; Schedule your ad to play during the mid-roll slot when possible. At that time, people are listening closely. This could reduce the risk of listeners’ fast-forwarding past your ad.

Find your fit; because podcasts serve an immense spectrum of interests and audiences, you should identify shows that perfectly sync with your brand, products, and services.

Test ad performance over time; running a single ad on a podcast likely won’t reveal if the show is an effective advertising option. For a more accurate view of performance, consider advertising on eight consecutive episodes to reinforce your call to action over time. Then, review the performance after your campaign concludes.

Use offer codes and metrics tools; as we reviewed earlier, use promo codes and other tools to learn if listeners acted on your podcast advertising. For brand campaigns, monitor social channels for a bump in mentions, likes, and shares.

Trust and tap into a host’s appeal; letting a host deliver your ad allows listeners to hear your offer from a personality they like and trust. As a result, warm feelings evoked by a host may carry forward to your brand.

Why is Podcast Advertising Effective?

One of the advantages of podcasts is their ability to produce highly tailored content. And attract a highly engaged audience. This heightened engagement leads to more opportunities for targeted, host-read ads that genuinely resonate with the listeners.

These ads tend to generate two to three times the engagement of traditional radio advertising. Get more details on why podcast advertising is effective here.

Podcasts are a versatile advertising channel that can work for anyone with a clear message and a strong marketing strategy (more on this later). You can get more details on podcast advertising here.

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