Youtube Channels Most Subscribers – How to Create a Youtube Channel

Youtube Channels Most Subscribers. It is quite easy to watch videos from a particular collection as there are channels integrated into youtube which contain playlists of videos entitled to a specific group of people, companies, or person.

Youtube Channels Most Subscribers

These channels are of different types, it could be gaming, fashion, religion, comedy, motivation, and lots more. To get notified of videos been uploaded on these channels, you need to subscribe to them by clicking on the subscribe button.

These channels tend to have thousands of subscribers even up to millions as time goes on not just because of how long they’ve been on the platform but due to always giving what the viewers need.  Most times, youtube channels with the most subscribers tend to have awesome videos and at times drop videos on a daily basis. So, if you looking for a channel to subscribe to, try going with the one with the most subscribers.

Youtube Channels With the Most Subscribers

Since its launch in 2005, they’ve had a history of most subscribed channels dating from May 17, 2006, till date. The first-ever most subscribed channel in youtube history is Smosh which held the position for 26 days according to  Wikipedia.

Presently, this position is been held by the Indian music network T-Series holding it since April 14, 2019, after his predecessor PewDiePie which held the position for 13 days. Technically, T-Series is actually the youtube channel with the most subscribers in India.

Although, the Swedish YouTuber ‘PewDiePie’ who is popular for his video game niche is has held this position four times and he’s making $58.2 million per year which is calculated is about $600,000 per day from October 2019.

Having a youtube channel can be an awesome way to make lots of money. If you are wondering how do youtube channels make money, it is actually through monetization as they are connected to Adsense account. So, don’t hesitate to create a youtube channel and start earning money.

How to Create a Youtube Channel

If you are looking for a way to promote your business as well as making money through youtube.  It is so quite easy, what you need to do is to create a youtube channel account that could be personal or for a brand. Moreover, if you have to have thousands of views persistently, you can apply for monetization which is manually connected to an Adsense account.

To create a personal youtube channel, you have to sign in to your youtube account on your device. Then, click on your profile pic and tap on the create a channel option. Though, you would be asked to create a channel. Then confirm your account details and click on confirm to create your channel.

But, to create a brand channel, after you click on create a channel, fill out the details – also naming your channel and this will create a brand channel. YouTube also permits you to add a channel manager having more than one person gaining access to the account with the same username and password.

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