Planet Forward Storyfest Awards 2024 – APPLY NOW

Applications are now open for the Planet Forward Storyfest Awards 2024. The Planet Forward Storyfest Awards aim to showcase the perspectives of students. Exploring and showcasing their own creative solutions for sustainable earth care. They are in search of narratives that ignite inspiration, motivation, and drive for change.

Planet Forward Storyfest Awards 2024
Planet Forward Storyfest Awards 2024

These stories should be captivating, thought-provoking, and filled with vibrant stimulation. We encourage students from journalism, film, media programs, as well as those without any formal media connections or experience, to participate in Storyfest.

Key Area of focus

These are the areas of focus that you will explore. You can draw from your studies, research, work, experience, or aspirations:

  • Food: How can we address the challenges of feeding the growing population, improve food production, and reduce food waste?
  • Water: How should we responsibly manage water resources, promote conservation efforts, purify water, and ensure access to clean water in underserved areas?
  • Energy: What are innovative ways to obtain energy, develop cleaner energy sources, and enhance energy efficiency?
  • Mobility: How can we improve transportation systems, alleviate congestion, minimize environmental impact, and adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic?
  • The built environment: How can we construct sustainable homes, offices, communities, and cities using new materials, technologies, and designs? How has the pandemic influenced our perception of urban living?
  • Biodiversity: How do we safeguard and promote the preservation of diverse ecosystems essential for life on Earth?
  • Public health: What lessons can be learned from the pandemic and its response in terms of its intersection with climate change? How can the environmental movement utilize these insights?
  • Climate justice: How can we implement climate policies and environmental initiatives that treat all communities fairly and equally, while working to dismantle discriminatory systems that contribute to climate change?

Award Categories

  • Top Short Video by a Media/Communications Student;
  • Top Short Video by a NON-Media/Communications Student:
  • Any video entries should have a duration of one to eight (1-8) minutes, with high-definition audio and visuals, accompanied by an article describing the video in fifty to two hundred (50-200) words, without transcribing its contents.
  • All video submissions are required to be uploaded on Vimeo or YouTube. In cases where the video surpasses the eight-minute limit, a trailer that adheres to the specified duration must be included as well.
  • Exceptional Multimedia Story by a Media/Communications Student.
  • Exceptional Multimedia Story by a NON-Media/Communications Student.
  • Multimedia projects have the opportunity to artistically blend various mediums, such as photography, video, audio/music, and other forms of digital art, for instance, integrated into an Adobe Express story.
  • All submitted photographs should be in digital format with a minimum resolution of one hundred and fifty (150) dots per inch (dpi) and should include detailed captions within a limit of two hundred (200) words for each image.
  • Furthermore, every multimedia project should incorporate a brief article summarizing the submission, ranging from two hundred to six hundred (200-600) words.
  • In cases where a multimedia entry is created using Adobe Express or a similar platform, it must include an embed code, along with an additional written summary of one hundred to two hundred (100-200) words, and one (1) featured photograph.
  • Outstanding Writing by a Writing/Journalism Student.
  • Outstanding Writing by a NON-Writing/Journalism Student.
  • All written entries must be between six hundred and one thousand (600-1,000) words in length. Additionally, submissions should include at least one (1) image, preferably captured by the contestant, and incorporate interviews with two to three (2-3) sources.


  • The top prize includes the chance to travel with Lindblad Expeditions and produce a report on the environment.
  • Winners will join Lindblad Expeditions on an exciting journey to visit a site of environmental significance. And document innovative solutions and preventative measures in place.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Planet Forward welcomes submissions from individuals worldwide, regardless of their different perspectives.
  • Submitters must be at least 13 years old, and if they are under 18, they must obtain parental consent.
  • Prior to posting, submitters are required to create a Planet Forward account by answering a few simple questions about their background and perspective. This is because Planet Forward values community participation and aims to provide the opportunity for individuals to share their stories with as many people as possible.
  • In the interest of transparency, if submitters are representing a company. They should clearly indicate this in their account information and submission. Regardless, it is important for submitters to provide profile information, disclose their background, and allow the community to see who is responsible for their work.

Judging Criteria

Storyfest entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The creativity and effectiveness of the chosen formats and storytelling techniques.
  • The quality of written or verbal communication and/or technical and production skills.
  • The accuracy of facts, including proper attribution of facts, data, and quotes, as well as thorough research that considers different perspectives.
  • The potential impact of the storytelling overall.

Application Procedure

  • Take a look at the Official Rules,  then sign in to your org account or create a new one.
  • Write your story on the Planet Forward website.
  • At the end of the page, mark the “This is a Storyfest entry” box and answer the questions in the entry form.
  • Set your story status as “Needs Review” and click “Save.” You’re finished.

For questions and access to more information please visit the official website.

Application Deadline

February 5, 2024.



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