Peapod: The Perfect Online Grocery Delivery Platform For You

In a period struck by the Covid 19 pandemic, having a means to get grocery items without having to endanger yourself can be crucial. Guidelines prioritizing our safety require we stay indoors most times, but getting groceries is another major requirement for every home. Peapod lets you get all of your much-needed groceries without having to leave home. What is peapod? One might wonder.


The platform, Peapod is an online grocery delivery store in which you can buy your groceries online and get them delivered to your home or business. Peapod is the perfect solution for you in such times if you leave in its trade areas. We’ll have a closer look at peapod, show you how to get started with its services, and we’ll inform you on its trade areas.

Peapod Trade Areas

Peapod has been in the online grocery delivery business for over thirty years. That suggests they are a business of good quality. Certain services offered by peapod are not as available on most rival businesses. For instance, in peapod, you get the option of same-day delivery. Peapod is also known to have a quicker delivery time when compared to similar services.

However, a basic requirement to get started using peapod is to reside within peapod’s trade areas. This may pose a downer for many since peapod has narrowed its trade areas over the years of its operation. Its trade areas include New York, New Jersey, and New England. If you reside in any of these areas, you can enjoy all of the peapod’s services as well as benefits to the maximum.

In a case where you reside outside peapod’s trade areas, you may want to consider other good alternatives. Peapod’s business and mode of operation within its trade areas is packed with quality and sure to bring a delightful experience to its customers.

How to Get Started On Peapod

Getting started on peapod is quite easy and is straightforward. Here’s a simple process to follow.

  • Create an account on peapod. To do this visit peapod’s website or download the app on your app store. Remember you have to be in its trade region in order to gain access. Simply enter your zip code, email address and create a unique password to open an account.
  • Next, you’ll be asked for your store loyalty card number. Enter it if you have one, however you can skip this process if you don’t. The store loyalty card number isn’t necessary for shopping online, but if you have it, you get additional advantages such as member-only deals. You can always provide your loyalty card number later on if you decide to skip now.
  • Lastly, enter your delivery address. This would be your home address if you prefer to receive orders to your home.

Once you’ve entered your delivery address, your registration is complete and you can begin shopping peapod instantly. You can go ahead to place your order as you would on any e-commerce store. Delivery fees can cost up to $10 per order. However, with Peapod you can subscribe to a paid plan where members won’t have to pay for delivery on products above $100. The paid plan goes for a fee of $119 per year. You can opt for whatever option suits your needs best. Have fun shopping.

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