PayPal Payment Method – How to Set Preferred Payment Method | PayPal Purchase Protection

There are several PayPal Payment Method that you use to buy online as a buyer and as a seller. PayPal also, lets you accept a variety of different payment types wherever you sell online or in person. You can even send invoices with the option to PayPal by credit card, debit card, or PayPal. When you sign up for a PayPal business account and start accepting payments online and when in-person whether you are selling at a local farmers market or to PayPal millions of customers across the globe.

PayPal Payment Method

PayPal allows its users to make payment using a variety of methods which are provided by the PayPal platform. Also, you can choose any of the payment methods in your account as your preferred payments in the payment section of your account settings. If you select a preferred method, it will show as the preferred method when you want to make a purchase online, in-store or when you send money via goods and services.

PayPal Payment Method

With PayPal, you can use this method to pay.

  • Bank account.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card.
  • PayPal cash or PayPal cash plus account or your balance.

These are just some ways for you to pay using PayPal.

When you sign up for a PayPal business account and start accepting payments online and in person. You give customers an easy checkout process, you can accept payment in-store and on the go with a PayPal card reader and your smartphone or tablet. Send customized invoices that can be paid faster and offer secure payment methods.

How to Set Preferred Payment Method

Here is how to select and change your preferred way to pay online whenever you want.

  • On your account click on the “wallet”.
  • Underpayment methods and click on the method would like to make your preferred payment method.
  • Click on set as preferred.

Please note you will need to link a card or link a bank to your account before you can select it as a preferred way to pay and if you change your preferred payment method will not affect your billing agreement subscription or any recurring payments.

Paying with Rewards

PayPal may allow you to redeem rewards associated with your eligible cards when making a purchase with your account through PayPal pay with a rewards program and rewards may include points, miles, cash well as other reward types. All pay with the reward redemptions is subject to the terms of the card agreement and applicable reward program with your card issuer.

PayPal Purchase Protection

PayPal purchase protection which is also known as PayPal buyer protection applies for certain qualifying purchases regardless of the payment method. To be eligible for this protection you must file a dispute in the PayPal resolution center with 180 days of the date you sent the payment.

You can escalate the dispute to claim within 20 days of the date you filed the dispute and also, meet the eligibility criteria as listed in the PayPal user agreement. You also have Credit card protection and debit card protection which helps keep your purchases secure and safe


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