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Joomla is one of the award-winning content management systems on the web today. It is also one of the most powerful web applications today. It has been proven to be one of the best CMS that enables you to create websites and other online applications. The most basic goal of this company is to make a powerful platform to empower website creators. It is designed to give them all the tools they need to become successful.



Joomla is compared to WordPress in terms of content management. Jumia is open-source content management that can be used to publish web content. This platform is developed by open-source matters inc. It was built on a model-view-controller web application framework. This platform can be used independently. This platform is written in the PHP programming language like WordPress. This application uses object-oriented programming techniques and patterns. This platform includes features like page caching. Also, blogs, search, news flashes, language internationalization and so much more.

Joomla Extensions

There are over eight thousand free commercial extensions that are available for download. These extensions can be likened to plugins for WordPress. Like WordPress, you can also download custom themes for this web application. This platform is estimated to be the fourth most used. And also, popular content management system on the internet today. Joomla is just below WordPress and Drupal.

Features of Joomla

There are certain features that make this tool very outstanding. This platform has thousands of third-party extensions that can be found on the directory of Joomla. The site can be accessed at Here are the features of this platform.

  • Multilingual: This platform is offered in over 75 languages.
  • Search Engine Optimization: It gives you access to easily optimize your webpages to the first page of Google. With this tool, your SEO is on the go.
  • Extendable: This platform is very extendable ad there are many extensions available to increase website functionality.
  • Flexible: It is flexible because you can make a blog, business website, intranet, community website… From the simplest to the most complex website.
  • User Management: It grants user management access. It gives you access Control Lists that allow management of the users of a website, and different groups.
  • Free: Like most other content management platforms, it is free to use under GPL.
  • Menu management: You can create as many menus and menu items as you need on this platform.
  • Cache management: You can manage your Caching for performance and optimize your speed.

Above are some of the features that make Joomla interesting.

Download Joomla

This tool can be downloaded and installed on your own server. Follow the steps below to download this platform.

  • Open any web browser of your choice.
  • Navigate to
  • When the site opens, click the button that says “Download Joomla”.
  • Click the download on the new page and download the .zip package.

That’s how to download Joomla.


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