Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators 2024 (€3,000 monthly stipend) – APPLY NOW

The Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators 2024 is a prestigious program hosted by the renowned Institute for Human Sciences (IWM). The program aims to bridge historical divides and nurture the translation of canonical texts and contemporary key works in the humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies.

Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators

The IWM is collaborating with its esteemed partner, the S Fischer Foundation, to bring about a unique dimension to the cultural tapestry. The S Fischer Foundation was founded in 2003 by German publisher Monika Schoeller. The Foundation plays a key role as the cooperation partner for the Paul Celan Fellowship.

With a focus on literature, the foundation has been instrumental in promoting international cultural exchange initiatives. It’s the initiation of TRADUKI, a European network for literature and books, demonstrating a sustained commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogue.

Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators – Overview

The primary objective of the Paul Celan Fellowship is to overcome historical deficits by supporting translations between Eastern and Western Europe, or within Eastern European languages.

There is a special emphasis on translations of works by East European authors and female scholars. This thematic alignment with the IWM’s research fields further underscores the program’s commitment to fostering diverse perspectives.

Benefits of the Paul Celan Fellowship

  • Three-Month Residency in Vienna: Selected Paul Celan Visiting Fellows are invited to spend three (3) enriching months at the IWM between September 2024 and June 2025. During this period, fellows receive a generous monthly stipend of EUR 3,000 to cover all expenses related to their stay in Vienna. This includes accommodation, daily necessities, and other incidental costs.
  • Other Supports: The IWM provides fellows with a fully equipped office space, internet access, and access to in-house research and administrative facilities. This support allows translators to immerse themselves fully in their projects without worrying about logistical challenges.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators 2024 is exclusively open to European translators.
  • The program does not accept fiction and poetry, however, it places a special emphasis on translations of relevant works written by East European authors and female scholars.
  • An important criterion to note is that all application materials must be in English, to ensure a standardized and efficient evaluation process.

Application Process

To apply for the Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators in 2024, prospective applicants should follow the steps below:

  • Submit an application through the IWM’s online application form at
  • Provide the documents below;
  • A letter of motivation
  • A concise project description
  • A detailed project proposal
  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae, and;
  • Essential documents from a publisher indicating rights to the translation.

Note: The documents must be combined into a single PDF. This is because, the online submission form, is limited to only one attachment. The names of the File of attachments should utilize Latin characters.

Official website:

Selection Process

The selection of finalists rests in the hands of a distinguished jury of experts. These experts, well-versed in the fields of humanities, social sciences, and cultural studies, undertake a rigorous evaluation process.

Finalists will be notified of the jury’s decision during the spring semester of 2024. While the jury is not obligated to publicly justify its decisions, the transparent and merit-based approach ensures a fair selection.

Application Deadline

February 4, 2024, 23:59 CET.

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