English to Spanish Translator – How to Translate English to Spanish

Have you ever wondered if there is an English to Spanish Translator? People have issues with languages a lot, I have seen someone who has this issue and he did not know what to do at that moment. The article says English to Spanish Translator, if I may ask how can you translate English to Spanish is it possible? Yes, it is, with the help of Google Chrome Translate and the Google mobile translate app. Translating is also known as changing from one language to another language just as we have here.

English to Spanish Translator

English to Spanish Translator

As I have read so far, still on the topic English to English-to-Spanish translators. And I ask the question if it is possible to translate or change a language from one form to another which is to another language. And I said yes it is very much possible with the help of the translator app and the Chrome translator. In other to understand what this article is all about we really need to know more about it by going into full details about Google translator.

Google Translator

Google Translate is a device for multilingual statistical and neural translation. It was brought to broad by the Google platform to help people translate text and websites from one language to another. Mostly from those languages that we do not understand or speak. You can use this translator service on your PC Chrome browser and also on your smartphone as an app. Beginning the explanation from the Chrome users.

Google Chrome Translator

PC Chrome users are not left out, they are also counted as lucky among users who can access the translator service. There are times when you are browsing through your PC Chrome browser. Then you step into a site and you notice that the site is not in English or of the language you do speak or understand, that is why this device is also extended to web users. With the help of the translator, you are free to change or translate any language to another.

What we are discussing here is how you can translate English to Spanish language. I think this article is meant for those people who live in span, but you can also rephrase the article turning it to your understanding of how you can translate Spanish to English. Now let talk about how you can get or install the translator into your Chrome PC browser.

Installing Google Chrome Translator

To install the translator to your Chrome browser this is what you should do.

  • Open your Chrome browser and search for “Google Chrome translate extension”.
  • Click on the first link and it will take you to a page telling you to “Add to Chrome”.

Click on it and wait for the extension to download and after downloading it, the translate extension will be available in your Chrome browser. Whenever you come across a site that is not of Spanish. It will automatically translate itself but first, you have to set it to the language you want to translate to by changing it to Spanish or the language you want it to translate to. PC also has a translator app, you can download it by typing “Download translator for PC” inside your browser. Look for a download link and click on it. Follow the steps to download the app and after downloading it, locate the app inside your PC file manager by switching to the download folder. Tap on the app and follow the steps to install it.

Google Translate App for Mobile

As I have said, that it has a mobile app for mobile device users. Those people who do make use of smartphones. It is possible for you to make use of the translator but you have to download the app into your smartphone. To download the app, you have to access your app store and search for “Translate” using the search bar tool. Click the install button when you finally see the app and wait for it to be downloaded, then the installation process will now come up.

How to Translate English to Spanish

For you to use the translator app on your PC or smartphone is very easy. You don’t anyone to direct you on how you can do it. What you do is this, when someone sends you are message in English and you do speak Spanish. Copy the text and open the translate app, you will see two options there since you are translating from English to Spanish. Paste the text on the first box under the English, while the other box changes the language there to Spanish so when you paste the English text inside the English box the translation will come up in the Spanish box. You can do these from Spanish to English also, just make sure your first box is the language you are translating from, while the second box is the language you are translating to.


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