Parapsychology Degree Online – Can You Get a Degree in Parapsychology

There are lots of institutions offering Parapsychology degrees online. With the help of these institutions, you can get a good degree with a high level of freedom and flexibility. This article will give some light on what Parapsychology is all about and the top five institutions that grant these degrees online.

Parapsychology Degree Online

What is Parapsychology?

The term “parapsychology” is a compound of two words: paranormal and psychology. Paranormal means ‘scientifically unexplainable’ and psychology means ‘study of mind and behavior’.

So, parapsychology is the study of humans who have experiences that cannot be proven scientifically. When we talk about the paranormal, we immediately think of ghosts.

The study includes research on reincarnation, near-death experience (NDE), out-of-body experience, lucid dreaming, dream telepathy, and almost every abnormal experience that a human can have.

Parapsychologists are psychologists who specialize in research on humans who suffer from the aforementioned incidents.

History of Parapsychology

Parapsychology was not always as specialized as it is today. Unexplainable mental phenomena have occurred throughout history in all cultures. Prior to the development of science, myth, and folklore provided a framework for people to believe in these phenomena.

However, as the scientific method proved its worth in fields such as chemistry and biology, many early psychological researchers believed it would aid in their understanding of parapsychological phenomena as well.

The Society for Psychical Research was founded in London in 1882 and included many mainstream scientific luminaries (influential people) such as Lord Rayleigh and William James.

The society was brought to America by James, and prestigious universities like Duke and Stanford began legitimate investigations into extrasensory perception.

By the 1950s, even the government was involved, with the CIA funding the Stargate Project to investigate paranormal intelligence-gathering methods.

Despite the money and attention invested in the field, no parapsychological researcher was able to produce evidence convincing enough to other scientists that any of the phenomena were real.

Why Study Parapsychology?

The professionals in this field have been seen or referred to as magicians or wizards/witches.

However, there are lots of things to consider before taking part in this science.

  • Parapsychology and its experiments reach the same conclusion as discussions about what exists on the other side of a black hole, which is based on theories and little evidence.

This is because paranormal incidents have not been proven or studied by professionals, this field is open for future research.

  • Paranormal activity research is a very personal experience. What you may feel while at the center of an experiment may appear untrue or hazy to a logical person. You will face a lot of criticism along the way. Therefore, you must be prepared for that.
  • You must be brave and strong-hearted. Working in the lab for hours and communicating with beings that you are not familiar with will need lots of courage.

Can You Get a Degree in Parapsychology

Of course, you can get a degree in parapsychology. However, in countries like the united states of America, you may not find such a degree option. However, you may have the option of studying traditional psychology with parapsychology as your emphasis outside the USA. You can also get these types of degrees online.

Bachelor’s Degree in Parapsychology

Unfortunately, no bachelor’s degrees in parapsychology are currently available in the United States. Instead, look for an undergraduate program that combines a major in psychology with a minor in parapsychology.

Master’s Degree in Parapsychology

After earning your bachelor’s degree, you may wish to further your education by pursuing a master’s degree. A master’s degree in parapsychology, like a bachelor’s degree, is not available in the United States. You could instead pursue a master’s degree in psychology.

Online Parapsychology Programs

You can enroll in a variety of online parapsychology programs. Upon completion, the majority of these programs award a certificate or diploma.

Top Parapsychology Degree Programs Online

Here are some of the top online locations where you can find such a degree program online;

The American Women College

Develop critical behavior analysis skills with an online Psychology degree from Bay Path University’s American Women’s College.

Choose between certificate and bachelor’s programs to advance your professional career. Through the psychology career you desire, you will learn to identify behavioral patterns and assist others in leading healthy lives.

At the American women’s College, you can study on your own time and explore a curriculum based on the five-pillar model of the American Psychological Association.

This college can offer you the following degree options;

  • BA in Psychology
  • BA in Child Psychology
  • BA in Psychology: Counselling Foundations
  • BA in Psychology: Forensic Psychology
  • BA in Psychology: Foundations of Alcohol and drug abuse counseling.
  • BA in Psychology: Human service and rehabilitation.
  • Certificate in human service and rehabilitation.

Southern New Hampshire University – SNHU

This is an online platform of an accredited university where you get a psychology degree. Here, you can get the following degrees;

  • BA in Psychology
  • BA in Psychology – Addictions
  • BA in Psychology – Applied Psychology
  • BA in Psychology – Child & Adolescent Development
  • BA in Psychology – Forensic Psychology
  • BA in Psychology – Mental Health
  • BA in Psychology – Social Psychology
  • BS in Business Administration – Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • MS in Psychology
  • MS in Psychology – Child & Adolescent Development Psychology
  • MS in Psychology – Forensic Psychology
  • MS in Psychology – Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

The Grande Canyon University

There are lots of online degree options offered at the Grand Canyon university. In the area of psychology, the options you will find are;

  • Cognitive neuroscience, including cognitive development throughout a lifespan
  • Experimental and abnormal psychology
  • Adult development
  • Psychological research and ethics
  • Causal determinants of human personality
  • Probability and statistics including testing of statistical hypotheses

Arizona State University

The online master’s degree in psychology from Arizona State University is your ticket to understanding psychological theory and empirical research findings about human behavior, cognition, emotion, and attitudes.

As a student, you will learn about the various roles that psychologists play through a curriculum that focuses on cognitive, developmental, physiological, and social psychology.

Here are some of the study options you will find in this platform;

  • Advanced Social Psychology
  • Capstone in General Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Research
  • Professional Issues in Psychology
  • Research Methods


Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) offers online psychology programs that prepare students to inspire change and enrich lives in their organizations and communities. After graduation, you’ll be prepared to work in clinical psychology, applied behavior analysis, and other fields.

Some examples of degrees you can get here are;

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

What Free Parapsychology Courses Can I Study?

Reed Courses advertises a wide range of parapsychology courses delivered by a variety of learning providers. The duration and method of study of the parapsychology courses available vary, with many offering tutor support.

What Courses Are Similar to Free Parapsychology Courses?

You might be interested in Health & care if you’re looking for Parapsychology courses. These courses can be taken to further your knowledge of the subject. A broader understanding of the subject can aid in your professional or personal development.

Which Type of Psychology Pays More?        

Psychiatrists prescribe medication to patients suffering from mental illnesses. Psychiatrist jobs are by far the highest-paying jobs available to psychology majors.

Is A Psychologist A Doctor?

Psychologists are not medical doctors, whereas psychiatrists are. Psychiatrists can prescribe medication, whereas psychologists cannot.

Psychiatrists diagnose and treat complex and serious mental illnesses, as well as provide a variety of therapies. Psychologists help patients by providing psychotherapy (talk therapy).

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