Ozlo Sleepbuds Aims to Help You Sleep and Stay Asleep

Ozlo Sleepbuds aims to help you go to sleep and stay asleep. The device in question is made in part by three ex-employees of Bose. The earbuds in question sports audio streaming as well as noise masking. That said, you should know that their Kickstarter campaign just successfully launched.

Ozlo Sleepbuds Aims

Ozlo Sleepbuds Aims

The firm Ozlo Sleep, which is a new sleep and audio technology company, on Tuesday, stated that it is launching earbuds that are designed for better rest, with features that sport noise masking, audio streaming via Bluetooth, as well as sensors that can help to detect when it is that you have fallen asleep.

Ozlo Sleepbuds as you should know are part of a 30-day Kickstarter campaign that began on Tuesday, so they are not available to the general public as of yet. There is however no word yet on when they will be exactly, but the company has stated that the general presale should come just before the holiday season. The retail price as reported will be $299.

Ozlo Sleep Was Co-Founded By Three Ex-Bose Workers

The company, Ozlo Sleep was co-founded by three people who prior to this worked at Bose, which is the maker of the now-discontinued Bose Sleepbuds. The company makes use of acquired and licensed technology from Bose in the new Ozlo Sleepbuds.

Brian Mulcahey, who is one of Ozlo’s co-founders, stated that the new product was made, in part, but based on two consumer notes that they got back regarding the products of Bose – there was no audio streaming and also, there were no sensors to give users information regarding how well they were sleeping. (The Soundcore Sleep A10 Earbuds made by Anker have some of these very features, such as Bluetooth streaming and sleep monitoring.)

How the Ozlo Sleepbuds Work

The Ozlo Sleepbuds make use of passive noise-canceling in a bid to help users block out nearby sound and you can also select from several noise-masking tracks for consistent sounds that can easily and effectively lull you to sleep. Bluetooth connectivity on the other hand enables the Sleepbuds to function as headphones so it is that you can stream your very own music.

The battery for audio on the other hand reportedly lasts up to 10 hours. But one thing that is particularly neat about this device is that you can effectively and easily toggle between the two modes. Ozlo co-founder N.B. Patil stated that wearers can “switch between streaming content and masking content, based on their choice.”

This simply means that you can program the sleep buds to effectively play music for an hour, and then revert to a noise-masking sound to play the rest of the night. Or you will just be able to set the Sleepbuds to play music until the sensors that are attached to the earbuds detect that you have fallen asleep, based on metrics such as respiration rate as well as movement.

“The product is designed to help people go to sleep and stay asleep,” Patil stated.

The Ozlo Sleepbuds Case Sensors and Features

The Ozlo Sleepbuds case in addition to sensors in-ear, is also inclusive of sensors that can tell you things regarding your bedroom that are known to greatly affect the quality of sleep, such as room temperature as well as light exposure. All of these pieces of information will feed into a sleep algorithm as well as a daily sleep report, which the firm is testing in beta at the moment.

The Ozlo Sleepbuds as you probably should know will come with four sizes of silicone tips.



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